I’m actually NOT an “app” person.

Like if you scroll through my phone, you will notice that I have about 5 apps:


  2. Facebook

  3. Podcasts

  4. WhatsApp

  5. Relax YogaMusic

…I mean I have the typical iPhone apps such as the calculator, clock, Health, etc…

BUT, apps aren’t a huge part of my life is the point.

I’m really big on two key things in life.

A morning and a nighttime routine, and part of that routine ( for me ) is making sure that I am taking the time to zen out if you know what I mean.

Creating that space where I feel most relaxed is crucial to a successful routine, ok? I know it might sound a bit over the top, but to be honest, it makes a MAJOR difference.

If you read my blog, you know that in my morning + nighttime routine, I have the usual:

  • Himalayan Salt Lamp

  • Candles going

  • Shades closed

  • Essential oils running

  • My journal

  • Meditation app

…but I also talk about the SOUNDS, right?


This is an app that I don’t think I could live without.

It is called Relax YogaMusic.

…but first…


You can download it for FREE in the app store. This is not sponsored - just obsessed.

This app allows you to choose sounds from the rain, to the ocean and other zen music that you’d hear at a spa. I’m sure you’ve heard of these apps before, but it’s not just about the sounds - it’s about the environment in which they are used, k?


Not only do I play this during my morning & nighttime routine, but I ALSO play it when…

  • I am falling asleep

  • Meditating

  • When I’m stressed

  • When I’m anxious

  • When I’m writing

  • When I’m showering

  • When I’m getting ready

  • When I’m reading

…if you can’t tell, it is part of my everyday routine!

I wrote a post about the power of music and I will link that here, but these sounds are peaceful sounds. They set the mood. They make you feel as if you are at a spa, and you KNOW my whole life is about creating that spa moment, ok?

There are DOZENS of apps out there, so you don’t need to purchase this one. I’ve just truly enjoyed it and LOVE the sound options.

Next time you are stressed, anxious, can’t sleep or want to just chill out, try playing this!



Now, one struggle that I have with this technique & app is Pedro. My boyfriend likes silence when he sleeps.

Can anyone else relate?

If I could have these sounds on our surround sound throughout our home I would… and I have tried… but he just can’t sleep. Major bummer.



This alternative is mainly for sleep, but it also is good to keep in mind for when you are in a public space and want to chill out with these peaceful sounds.

Simple little reminders.


Wish I could give you a serious twist, but if you are like me, I go right to that speaker and forget that I can always put headphones in…

Obviously you don’t want to sleep with headphones, but there are these new Bose Sound Buds. They are meant for sleep and block out the sound. On the pricier side, but worth the purchase if you are in need!

You can also use headphones if you are in public and need a bit of zen in your life.

Not a fan of the headphones?

Try the wireless Bose headphones or the Apple Air Pods.

If you are stressed while driving? Hook up your phone to your car and play some of the sounds! I am OBSESSED with doing this ESPECIALLY on a hectic day, you know? Totally helps with the mood.


Download these FREE apps. You may have these apps. You may have heard me talk about these apps. You might already do this or you might think that this is super basic.

BUT, I have to tell you that from my experience, using this app in my day to day life has drastically helped to improve my efficiency, elevated my mood and clears my mind.

Can’t live without it.

I hope you found this post valuable and now I am off to the gym!



…and come join my FREE secret Facebook community ;)


Sydney Nanberg