I have a lot of travel coming up. I’m going to Chicago next week, then I get back and go to Spain. After Spain, I go directly to Aspen. So fun, I’m so grateful, but a lot you know?

When I think of all of these fun trips coming up, I also start to get a little panicky if you know what I mean. Give me a sec to explain why.

I’m sitting here writing this in my bedroom right now, all cozy in my pajamas with a little eucalyptus oil running in the diffuser and dimmed lighting. I do this every evening and I write! All is good, but…

the THOUGHT of getting out of this routine means:

  • Doubling up on work to prepare for being away

  • Less time for skin care

  • More break outs because I have less time for skin care

  • Less time for meditation

  • Which means increased anxiety

  • No Himalayan salt lamp

  • Which means no zen

These are the actual thoughts running through my mind. Ok guys, yes, these are MINOR problems + good problems to have at the same time.

BUT, that’s the thing. This is my routine & not only do I get overwhelmed, I feel GUILTY for even feeling this way.

  • I feel guilty that I should be spending time worrying about work.

  • I feel guilty that I should be spending more time with my family.

  • I feel guilty that I’m not doing enough for Pedro with that time.

  • I sometimes just feel guilty for taking that time!

It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, but often, taking time for self-care no matter where I am in the world, can make me feel guilty.

You know what I mean?

…but honestly, I don’t feel guilty anymore.

Because my self-care routine is the reason why I CAN make time for my family. It is the reason why I can GIVE even more to those I love. It is part of the reason why I succeed at work!

That brings us to today’s post. Why you need to STOP feeling guilty or “bad” for your own personal self-care, ok?

The 5 reasons to STOP feeling guilty listed below are actually quite similar AND ( because you know I like a good twist ) you can think of these of the BENEFITS of self-care, rather than guilt. The positive. What is can REALLY do for you, k?

Self-care doesn’t have to make you feel guilty unless that is what you allow. Keep that in mind guys.


A good self-care routine can do wonders. Even if it is just 20 minutes per day. Taking care of yourself is a form of self-love and when we love ourselves we feel more confident! Go to the gym! Go for that run!

By more confident, I mean on the inside and out.

I am sure you have lots of responsibilities & people counting on you, right? #same

Well, what good does it do to not feel confident because you are feeling guilty of taking the time you need? You end up just feeling like sh*t. #nogood


Have you ever just needed like 20 minutes to chill?

We ALL have had those moments, and you NEED to take that time. Instead of working against yourself because of guilt, try actually going with what feels right.

That amount of time that you spend taking care of YOU can actually lead you to feeling energized! Helllooooo productivity.


When you feel good about yourself, you put out positive vibes and have more to offer!

You can be the best version of yourself, but without allowing yourself “me time,” you neglect to nurture your mind, body and soul.

Stop with the guilt because that guilt can just drag you down. Those around you will appreciate and should respect your “me time,” just as you would respect theirs. We are only human.


Again, when you are well-maintained and living a healthy lifestyle, you are also making yourself a priority.

This does not mean that other people and situations are not just as important, but in order for you to really be there for everyone else, you have to be in the right mental state.

If you aren’t taking care of your health, your mental state will suffer, and so will everything else.


Ok, this is a no brainer. Do you want to succeed at the office? Home office or corporate office it doesn’t matter.

If you aren’t taking care of yourself because you feel too guilty, say goodbye to opportunities.

You are more likely to close that deal, get that job, sign that client and sell that product if you FEEL GOOD! You are not only going to make those around you in the business world happy ( co-workers, business partners or customers/clients ), but YOU are going to be happier. It’s that simple.

Oh… and if you take time for yourself, you’ll probably feel less overwhelmed and MORE ORGANIZED #weloveanorganizedbiz



This is what I do when I feel guilty

  • Grab that journal and make a list of all of the things you do for other people. Taking time for yourself shouldn’t make you feel guilty, so reminding yourself of all that you do will help you to relax.

  • Take 2 minutes to actually think about that list and all that you do. Appreciate yourself!

  • Think about it in reverse. Would you tell your best friend that taking time for themselves is selfish?

  • If you really feel that guilty, ask those around you how they feel about you taking time for yourself? You might be surprised by the answer!

If you neglect self-care, resentment, anger and a lot of nasty bad feelings can start to form. Please prevent that because that isn’t healthy either, ok?

I’ve come to a point where I’ve realized that if I don’t take time each day ( sometimes I even take me time before anyone is awake! ) then I cannot be a happy and healthy me. It is so important that we take care of our needs and nourish ourselves.

Well, my eucalyptus oil in the diffuser seems to be running low and Pedro will be back from Barry’s Bootcamp any minute ( anyone do Barry’s? #obsessed ) so I’m going to start my nighttime routine.

Do you feel any better after reading this? Let me know! I want to hear from ya! Send me a DM, an email or comment something on my latest Instagram photo :)

We are in this together peeps!



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Sydney Nanberg