You are the only YOU on this planet. That makes you pretty unique, right? But sometimes, hearing that just isn’t enough, you know?


We are human. We get into funks. We have bad days. We lose confidence. We go through shitty days. It’s all part of life. 

…but what happens when your funk lasts longer than expected…

You can’t just not love yourself forever. I mean… don’t be ridiculous. I won’t allow it. 

There have been times in my life ( very low points ) where I strongly disliked myself. I looked in the mirror and was like, “who the F is this?” I had zero confidence. I didn’t believe in myself. I was at rock bottom.

To be real, I still have days every so often where I don’t feel like myself. Where I feel like crap. Where I don’t love myself. 


So, how do you start loving yourself again?

I’m going to share step by step what I did to begin to love myself and I hope you find this valuable! 


Set Boundaries


I hit that point where I was like, “ok, I need a change.” In that moment, I realized that the people around me were bringing me down. So, I set boundaries. I removed myself from toxic situations. I stopped doing things that weren’t making me happy. I let go of friendships that drained me and I never looked back.

Let’s keep it simple, ok?


Invest in YOU


Before you can figure out why you don’t love yourself, maybe try investing in some self-care! I found that taking this route, helped to get me out of my “dark cloud” and into an eye opening revelation if you know what I mean… 

When you do things for YOU, you feel good, right? Well, when you feel good, you begin to see clearer. Then you can really get to work.


  1. I put a routine in place such as making my bed each morning ( you can create whatever routine you want ) This just kept me on point

  2. I started hitting the gym 5 days/week even if it was as simple as a walk

  3. I began to journal ( ummm totally life changing )

  4. I began to invest in wellness treatments 

  5. I also tried meditation and yoga!

  6. I made time for ME every day

I switched up my daily life as I knew it. It was as simple as that. Took a lot of hard work to be honest, but felt good at the same time! 


Understand YOU

Someone once told me ( my father ) to write a list out of all of my accomplishments. At this point, I was in college. How much could I have accomplished?

But, I did it. 

Any accomplishment. Even if that was starting my self-love journey. Maybe passing a test. Getting a job. Starting a new routine. Taking a step in the right direction. Graduating high school. Making it through tough days. 

Write anything positive that you have accomplished. It doesn’t have to just be landing a new client or making a new sale. 

It’s the little things that make you realize how strong you truly are. 


Set Goals

When I was at my lowest point, I realized that I wasn’t looking forward to anything that I was passionate about, ok? I needed something to look forward to. 

I set little goals. Listen, the little goals actually lead up to the big goals. I had to start somewhere, you know?

Before I get into the first thing that I did, I want to mention that I am a HUGE believer in The Law of Attraction. SO - I did something a bit unique because I wasn’t sure what my goals were. 


  1. I wrote out “a day in the life of Sydney” 5 years from now. My mom actually recommended this practice. I wrote out this journal entry as if I was living my ideal life. From when I wake up until I go to sleep. I wrote what my day looked like. Where I lived. What I ate. What I wore. The more details the better. The results? Well, I wrote that journal entry 5 years ago today. I am living the life that I wrote. The idea is to write it out and put it away, ok? Try it!

  2. Then, I wrote out 3 things that I want in life.

    • To get in better shape

    • To own a business

    • To be in a healthy relationship

  3. I then broke down each goal into smaller attainable goals. Goals that I could reach each day. 

    • To get in better shape I signed up for workout classes and had goals to run 4 days/week + change my diet, got it? I LOVE Barry’s Bootcamp or a good kick boxing class. If this is one of your goals, I also highly recommend ClassPass. You pay monthly and can try different gyms in your area. MAJOR.

    • To own a business I decided to get a job at a local boutique and learn sales. I set sales goals for myself and wrote down something new that I learned when I would get home.

    • To be in a healthy relationship I worked on step number two in this blog, to invest in ME!

It felt great each day that I would accomplish a little goal. I began to believe in my capabilities and myself! 



Loving yourself comes from within.

Not from outside validation, which a lot of us seek because of external factors such as social media. HUGE problem if you ask me. BUT, we have choices. We can make the choice to improve ourselves, right? 

The idea is to take small steps. Build up your confidence. Take time for yourself. Realize your own worth. TAKE ACTION. 

As humans, I truly believe that we are prone to self-doubt. We don’t have to be. We can create the life that we want. 

With that being said, I’m going to cook dinner! Literally starving. I’m thinking ground turkey breast with gluten-free pasta + veggies. 

I hope you found this post valuable and I would love your feedback.



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Sydney Nanberg