Ok, let’s just be real from the start. I am OBSESSED with a good product and I LOVE trying new things. I can barely shut my drawers in the bathroom because they are FILLED with products. In an organized way of course LOL

But, I don’t use ALL of those products everyday, you know? I have my daily go-to products for self-care and I am going to share them with you below.

They are not all beauty or skin care products. Some are just “things” that I have incorporated into my daily routine.



Himalayan Salt Lamp

I did an entire post on the himalayan salt lamp. I even purchased the night light version on Amazon so that I can bring them with me wherever I go.

They totally reduce stress, anxiety and set the mood!

My Journal


…but wait…


My journal is my life. Literally. It is one form of meditation that I cannot live without. I have my at home journal and my travel journal to make sure that I am always hooked up. My journal is what helps to reduce my stress, anxiety and helps me sleep better at night!


Oh my lovely calendar. Can you believe that I never used to use one? I am EXTREMELY busy, so how I remembered everything PRIOR to investing in a calendar is a bit wild. This calendar just takes the edge off. I never have to worry about missing an appointment.

Goodbye stress.

To-Do List


I have a to-do list that I take with me EVERYWHERE. This way I do not forget any important tasks. I tackle 5-7 of my most important tasks everyday, and if I don’t finish something I move it over to the next day on my to-do list.

TIP: I also write my to-do list at night because that way I can wake up and have my day organized. Avoiding any excess stress if you know what I mean.

Essential Oils


I use Eucalyptus and Lavender oil everyday in my aromatherapy diffuser and even travel with them!

TIP: You can put the oils on your wrists, behind your ears and under your nose for relaxation. I’m obsessed.

Vitamin D

I really try to get all of my vitamins from food and just being outside, but I am deficient in Vitamin D. If you are ever feeling down, depressed or sad ( and live in a colder climate ), I would suggest getting your vitamin levels tested. Vitamin D can boost your mood and make you feel like the QUEEN ( or King ) you are.

Olly Sleep Gummies


I talk about these A LOT. I discovered these a couple of years ago and have taken them every night since. They are essentially melatonin gummies that ACTUALLY work. I really struggle to sleep and waking up well rested makes my life that much easier.

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate

I have very dry and sensitive skin, which means I take skin care very seriously. I’m also prone to break outs. Ew. This exfoliator has been my go to for months and has made my skin so smooth and soft. It has also helped to clear up any breakouts. I do this 3 times/week and follow up with a nice moisturizer. In my opinion, there is nothing like going to bed at night with smooth, clean skin!

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads

When I’m not exfoliating with the ExfoliKate, I am using this product. These are little pads that help to exfoliate, tone and brighten your skin. I use these every day before I do my makeup. I follow it up with a face moisturizer ( I will mention it below ), and it is simply amazing.

MER | SEA BEAUTY Coconut Sugar Sea Whip Body Cream


Probably one of the best lotions that I have ever used. Super moisturizing and I always apply this after a steam shower. Taking care of my skin and body is part of my self-care ritual day + night.

When you feel good, you do good, you know?

Kopari Coconut Sheer Oil

After I moisturize with a good lotion, I follow up with some coconut oil. I absolutely love this brand and it smells amazing! My skin is always so soft and glowing!

ummm are you keeping up with me?


This is the face moisturizer that I use. I feel like everyone has used this from day 1. Drug store brand and I’m obsessed. My skin never breaks out from it.

Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask

If you watch my Instagram Stories, then you KNOW that I am obsessed with sheet masks for the face. As I mentioned above, my skin is not only acne prone, but sensitive and dry. I do these face masks about 3 times/week and find them to be AMAZING.

The Charcoal Spa

One thing that I don’t talk about as often are my teeth. I have this weird thing with teeth. MY teeth specifically. They have to be super white. I use organic activated charcoal teeth whitening powder. It’s natural, made in the US, doesn’t hurt my teeth and I noticed a difference right away. OBSESSED!

The App, Headspace

This is how I start and end my day. A little meditation goes a long way and totally revives me! Meditation comes in many forms, but this is on my self-care master list because I meditate almost everyday! Meditation has helped to reduce my anxiety, stress levels, improve productivity and boost my energy.

Other things that are on my self-care master list…

  • Books

  • Comfy lounge clothes

  • Walking

  • Good smelling soaps

…but I don’t want to overwhelm you all at once!

These are things that I am currently using to take good care of my mind, body and soul! What are a few things that are on your self-care master list? Send me a DM!

I hope you found this post valuable!



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Sydney Nanberg