Can I just tell you that I’ve never had more of a travel bug than I do now? So, my boyfriend’s family is from Barcelona ( ummmm so fun ) and I get to go there at least once a year.

A dream come true. It has been amazing to get to learn about his culture, where his family comes from and I am IN LOVE with a good paella. Can’t forget the fuet either! Definitely my favorite type of Spanish sausage ( and I don’t mean that in a dirty way ) HA.


He has the warmest family and although the don’t speak ANY English, I feel very much at home.

I learned something about myself though.

ONE. I love to travel.

TWO. I eat a lot while I travel.

Can we just add a third point for a quick sec?

THREE. Isn’t self-care so difficult when you are on the go?


I am definitely one who takes my self-care routine VERY VERY seriously.

That’s because I like to try my best to keep myself grounded, clear headed and a skin care routine is crucial to avoid breakouts.

…and let’s be real… when we are traveling that far away, we can only pack SO much.

Side note - Pedro and I will go for 7 days.

Ready for this one?

WE TAKE 7 BAGS. 3 LARGE suite cases, 2 carry on bags that go in the overhead bins and then we each bring a backpack.

The absolute best part of that whole packing experience is that we end up wearing the same thing everyday. You can imagine how frustrating that may be, but also a tad bit funny LOL

We do actually go to Spain more than once a year ( usually ).

I was in Italy, we are going to Aspen, Chicago, DC and we have lots of other fun trips coming up!

With that comes the MASTER PACKING LIST and self-care necessities.

I’ve definitely nailed this self-care thing DOWN TO A T.

I’m going to share with you what I pack in my carry on bag + how I make time for self-care during the trip.

YOU AND I BOTH know the trips can get hectic. You are running around doing a million things, but listen, you still have to fit in YOU time :) I’ve got your back and I really hope you enjoy these tips!



My mom’s favorite word is compartmentalize. That is exactly what I do, I make sure that I can fit in the essentials and I do that with my travel case! There are so many cute ones out there.

TIP: I use a toiletry bag that I purchased from Nordstrom. It has lots of pockets and it fits just about everything.

I’m not going to get into EVERYTHING that goes into my carry on, but just the self-care essentials.

We are each going to have different essentials, but these are my KEY essentials you know what I mean?

Obviously I’m going to have my make up remover, tooth brush, hair brush, and so on in that bag… and clothes LOL but let’s just talk about my daily self-care essentials and how I make it work.



Flying not only dehydrates you, but it drys out your skin. YUCK.

I always find time to throw on a sheet mask. 3 times/week is my limit, and this is a great way to keep your skin moisturized and feeling fresh.

BUT, a MAJOR tip would be to put on a sheet mask during the flight. If it’s a 2-4 hour flight forget it. Save it for those long 6+ hour trips.

As I’ve said in past posts, I don’t have a specific type of sheet mask that I like. I’m in the process of trying them all. If I go to Sephora or Ulta, I literally just pick up a few random brands and give it a try.

If we are being honest, they all kind of have the same results…

Like I said, if you are on a 6+ hour flight, that is a great time! Don’t worry about what everyone around you thinks because most of them will probs be asleep.

I will also wake up 30 minutes early to start my morning routine.

I’m not much of a sleeper, so that’s easy for me. I’ll wake up, get in the shower, throw on a face mask and read a bit.

If you are NOT a sleeper and you want to ACTUALLY ENJOY your vacay, throw one on 15 minutes before you go to sleep.

Remember, no more than 3 days/week is my rule, so I find time either late at night or by waking up 30 minutes earlier. Plus, I really enjoy it.



Going back to dehydration and the dry air when traveling. No one wants or likes to feeling of cracking skin.

I am constantly applying lotion and lip moisturizer throughout the flight and the trip.

My favorite thing to do before a trip is order the mini versions of my FAVORITE products!

First of all, how cute? Second, you can take them with you literally everywhere.

My favorite lotion is from the brand, Ahava. Smells AMAZING and works like a charm.

The lip moisturizer - Aquaphor! Just go to your local market or drug store.

Easy peasy.


Vitamins are crucial for self-care. I do try to get in all of my daily nutrients through foods, but in the event that I miss any, I stack up on the vitamins.

Right now, I take Vitamin D3 ( whatever brand ) and a women’s multi vitamin from the brand, Olly Nutrition.

Ok, sounds crazy, but isn’t it so easy to forget when you are on vacation? I set an reminder on my phone for the morning just in case!

Don’t forget those vitamin C packets! Lots of germs while traveling.



As much as I love to travel, I do not enjoy flying.

I get quite anxious and the hustle and bustle of the airport just gets my heart pumping, and not in a good way.

I bring Lavender oil with me and put a little bit on my wrists, behind my ears and under my nose as I get anxious.

Do I need to explain how I make time? I just throw it in my purse!



If you’ve read my blogs, you know how important journaling is to me. It is a MUST in my self-care routine.

Journaling is a form of meditation and I need to write everyday to clear my mind.

This is separate from blogging. I write 3 pages in the morning, and 3 pages at night. Whatever comes to my mind and I need to make time for that on trips.


You can go to Walgreens and grab a mini journal! They even sell mini pens, but to be honest… no need LOL you can fit a regular sized pen in your bag.

I’m on vacation so I don’t do it everyday! However, I do it most days. I also really enjoy it and it is a habit.

Something that really helps is to set a reminder. Do it before bed and just write a page or some thoughts down. You can even write in your notes app!

Write about what you are excited about for the day, what you’ve done, what’s going through your head, anything you’re worried/stressed about. It doesn’t matter! Get out the thoughts.

You’ll sleep better also.



Ok, you aren’t going to forget your headphones, but you might be the type of person who prefers to leave them at home!

I pack my Bose Wireless headphones because I am obsessed and because I can then meditate everywhere I go.

It is the first thing that I do every single morning. It takes 3-10 minutes. Your choice how long! I like to stay consistent!

I hope that you found these tips helpful, and I want to know what are your ESSENTIAL SELF-CARE TRAVEL HACKS. DM me or comment your answer on my last Instagram pic :)



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Sydney Nanberg