I’m busy. You’re busy. We are all busy. Welcome to my “too busy for self care” wonderland, where I am talking about how to make time for self care during our busy schedule.

There is NO excuse in my opinion for NOT making time for yourself. 

  • Whether you are a boss.

  • Whether you have a career that requires you to be at the office at 7 am.

  • Whether you are a student.

…we can all MAKE TIME for self care. It’s really depends on if you WANT TO or not. Like truly want to. Deep down are committed, ok? Because if we don’t - well… let’s just say we will feel much worse. 


If you follow me on social or read my blogs, then you know that I spend time on my self care. If I don’t start my day & end my day with “me” time, I am setting myself up for failure, you know? 

BUT - I do know that it is not always easy when you are busy.

Here are a few tips to make self care part of your daily routine! 

These are the BEST tips that work AMAZING for me. There is a lot of information out there on how to indulge in self care for busy people. I’ve tried it all ( well it honestly feels as if I have ), so now I am just sharing what works best. 


Wake Up 30 Minutes Earlier 


No one likes this tip LOL because it’s the straight up truth, ok? Every single time that I recommend this tip, I always hear excuses.

*eye roll*

…and I am a no excuses kind of girl, so that bothers me, you know? 

If you don’t LOVE the mornings, then stay up 30 minutes later at night. The idea is to start and/or end your day with YOU time.

This will set you up for success during the day. It will help you to handle situations better that come your way throughout the week. It will improve your sleep. It will help you focus. 

It’s necessary and non-negotiable for me.

…and come on… how simple is this? Just make a little extra time in your day? 30 minutes!

  • Do that face mask

  • Go for that run

  • Do your meditation

  • Read that book

Whatever you like! Add that 30 extra minutes to your day to fit it in. I promise, you will feel a difference. 


Schedule Time Off


If you are just as busy as I am, then you know that this is a struggle. When I think of “time off,” I think of maybe 30 minutes or so. 

I want you to SCHEDULE a day off or SOMETHING in your calendar as you would an appointment.

It can be very challenging, but rewarding. This gives you the opportunity to invest in YOU. Spend time with YOU. Take care of YOU.

When you do this, you rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. You end up feeling refreshed and inspired. It gives you that boost of energy, motivation and determination. 


Time Batch Tasks In Advance

I’m not even kidding when I tell you that this is my secret to taking my self care game to the next fucking level.

Talking about freeing up time… hello!

  • How amazing would it be to NOT have to cook dinner?

  • To have your breakfast ready to go in the morning? ( or coffee? I don’t drink coffee, but you get the point )

  • To NOT have to pick out your clothes?

  • To have you calendar COMPLETE for the week?

  • To have your to do list DONE

Pick one day of the week.


Sunday’s tend to be a good day. You can even make it a late afternoon, early evening, k? Put it in your calendar as, Time Batching from 4-7 pm.” 

This is where you will:

  1. Go to the grocery store for the week

  2. Meal prep

  3. Do your calendar

  4. Do your to do list

  5. Set your alarms 

  6. Pick out your clothes

FUN TIP: Clean out a drawer and fill it with your go to clothes for the week. Throw in your workout clothes, business attire, date night look, etc… but when you go to that drawer, your outfits are ALREADY prepared.

I don’t know about you… but picking out my clothes takes at least 30 minutes. Ugh.

You feel the struggle? 

Clear up as many little tasks that you do on a daily basis on a Sunday evening ( or whatever time works best for you ). 

This will not only save you time during the day, but will give you that time to take care of you! When you make your life THAT much easier, you have more time for self care!

It is all about minimizing decisions during the day!

Say hello to your new time batching date.


Can I be totally honest here? I’m going to be.

At the end of the day, you seriously need to decide whether or not you WANT to make this a priority. I totally and completely get being super busy. I am like a crazy person during the day.

BUT - my entire mood and productivity levels shift when I make time for me. 

I hope you found this post valuable and please let me know what other tips you want to hear from me! Send me an email at or a DM :) I always try to reply!


Sydney <3

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Sydney Nanberg