Oh hey! It’s your best friend over here AGAIN with some really good apps that I have to share with you.

Obviously you know that mental health is everything to me.

andddd you should know by now that self care will improve your mental health, right?

So, it shouldn’t surprise you that I’ve tried out dozens of apps because I just feel like apps make the world and everyday life easier.

I’m not a tech person. Literally the worst when it comes to technology. I’m also not an app person. I probably have about 5 apps on my phone.

I still use a pen and paper to write everything down.


My calendar is NOT on my computer.

I’m the oldest 25 year old you will ever meet. Like old AF.

BUT - as you know, I am addicted to trying new things and then sharing what I absolutely love.


I’m here to deliver what works and what doesn’t, you know?

I decided to put together a list of my FAVORITE self care apps that I am OBSESSED with and use everyday.

Try them out. See what you think. They might be life changing, k? They were and are for me!


( none of these are sponsored )



I never really used to be a meditation type of girl TBH. I couldn’t sit still. I thought it was pointless and boring. I’ve downloaded the Headspace app probably 3 times over the last 3 years. About a year ago, I realized the value.

Thank the heavens.

Headspace is a meditation app if you didn’t catch my drift. You get 10 free sessions and then it’s a small monthly fee for daily relaxation and mindfulness.

If you aren’t into meditation, well, let me get you started…

I started out by meditating for 3 minutes every morning. ONLY 3 MINUTES.

It took me a few weeks to get my mind to chill out, but my consistency really helped.

After a few weeks, I started doing 5-10 minute meditation sessions every morning and evening before bed. It is part of my morning + nighttime routine. It is how I start and end my day.

Once I learned how to rest my mind, it was absolutely LIFE CHANGING.

It helped me to…

  1. Set my intentions

  2. Focus throughout the day

  3. Better handle challenging situations

  4. Sleep better at night

  5. Relieve a bit of stress and anxiety

I just want to reiterate that it DID take me about a few weeks of consistent meditation to get to this point. It’s not an overnight thing for everyone, but worth giving a try.

The app is guided meditation. This man’s voice is so soothing and I’m obsessed.



I actually dedicated an entire blog post to this app. This app has SIGNIFICANTLY helped to reduce my anxiety and stress throughout the day.

You can choose various sounds to listen to. I personally love the ocean, the sound of the rain and water. It just reminds me of the spa. I listen to it every night when I go to sleep.

Drives Pedro crazy, but you can always invest in some headphones. I just don’t want to LOL

  • I listen to it when I shower with my himalayan salt lamp on for lighting and essential oils to really set the mood.

I listen to it when I’m stressed and need to breathe.

  • I listen to it while I meditate.

It totally zaps my anxiety and really truly helps with stress.


Who doesn’t need a little creativity in their life? Do you ever notice when you do things that require your attention you are distracted.

I’m a big believer that when you are stressed or anxious or sad or any emotion, you MUST sit and feel that emotion.

But something that also really helps me mid panic attack or in high stress moments is drawing.

I personally like to draw in a coloring book ( I’m such a child ).

…and then I came across the app, Colorfy. Don’t mean for it to sound like an ad because it is absolutely not.

Colorfy is an adult coloring app.

You can select different images to color on or even upload your own. It just totally takes your mind off of whatever it is you might be dealing with temporarily.

When I get super stressed or even angry, I either write or I draw. This is something that is easy because you can bring it with you everywhere. It’s on your phone.



Obsessed with quotes. Love them. They inspire me. I read quotes everyday. Daily quote sends you daily reminders and… quotes, k? Super simple. Super powerful. I highly recommend it if you are a quotes type of person.



We all have a notes app on our phone. This is the simplest app because you probably don’t even have to download it. You for sure don’t if you have an iPhone.

This is your digital journal.

I talk a lot about how I have my at home journal and my travel journal. I really do love to write. There’s nothing like putting a pen to paper. It’s so therapeutic. But there are times where I don’t have my journal and I just need to get my thoughts out, you know?

If you only knew how many pages I have on that notes app… I need to clear up some space sometime soon. I use it V often. Almost daily.

Not even just in moments of panic. But when I have new ideas, when I want to remember something and I don’t have my calendar or to do list and when I want to get something off my chest. I write it out.

I find this to be extremely helpful when I don’t have my physical journal.



As I mentioned at the beginning, I am not an app person, so I only have apps on my phone that are BEYOND valuable to my life. That is what I am sharing with you.

There are so many out there, but which ones really work and make a difference?

These are the ones that have had the biggest impact! I hope you find them valuable and cannot wait to hear your feedback :)

What apps do you use for self care?



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