When it’s “that” time of the month, a new Sydney arises. Pedro might call me a little demon, a monster or scary.

It’s like I have this horrible, agitated, irritable, angry demon inside of me that just wants to be a complete bitch TBH.

Destroy everything in its path.

On top of that, I crave so much chocolate that if I don’t have it, well… you don’t want to know. I become a major B. I get moody. Won’t speak. Snap. Say things I don’t mean.

…and then I have my little bite of chocolate and I feel a bit better.

Did I forget that I get bloated AF and my face breaks out?


PMS typically begins a week before I get my period. An entire week of this monster living inside of me.

An actual nightmare.

I joke around about it a lot, but the truth is that it affects the people around me… it affects my relationship… my work and my productivity.

We can’t have that, k?

A few months ago I had a wake up call.

I had about a week where I felt like giving up. Obviously this was my “PMS week.” The dreaded week.

The entire week I laid in bed. I was unproductive. Didn’t feel like doing anything. Ate like shit. I was mean and I had enough.


I started doing some research to find natural ways to help reduce symptoms of PMS.


These are a few solutions that have personally worked for me!



Balance That Blood Sugar

Like I said before, when I have PMS my cravings are off the charts.

I NEED my chocolate and if I don’t have it, I am a major B, right? Well, indulging in our cravings can actually make the situation worse. Sugar contributes to crashes, which lead to mood swings. Sugar also contributes to acne and who wants MORE acne? Sugar also leads to weight gain, feeling bloated and all other PMS symptoms.

What I’m telling you is that your cravings and consuming those cravings are intensifying your symptoms, k?

Here is an alternative!


Instead of eating that chocolate Hershey’s bar, try melting some Lily’s Dark Chocolate over a banana. Lily’s has less sugar, carbs and is overall a healthier option. I’m not a health guru, but I do like my alternatives. I actually prepare them the week BEFORE my PMS starts and keep them in the freezer.

I know that I won’t be in the mood to bake and I’ll want something FAST.

Even a small handful of Lily’s Dark Chocolate does the trick, ok?

I also try to avoid processed foods, so I might look up healthy alternatives to desserts on Pinterest & prep in advance. ( don’t worry, I’ve got you covered & provided the link )


…and go clean.


Get Moving


I talk about movement a lot, right? Whether it has to do with anxiety or how to start your day to increase productivity, you know the deal. But exercising when you have PMS just gets out that extra tension, irritation and can help to reduce bloating.

To be totally honest, I NEVER want to exercise when I have PMS. I absolutely dread it, ok?

But balancing my sugar, helps to balance my mood, so it makes it a little bit easier to push myself.

I take my workout clothes out the night before. Leave them next to my bed all ready with my water and I try to move whenever I can.

My tip is to start your day with a walk.

HOT TIP: Drink your water. You might retain water when working out, so that can cause extra bloating. Stay hydrated!


Eat Your Fiber


You should eat fiber everyday, but become aware of it during this time of the month. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, high-fiber grains such as quinoa, your greens and try to keep a colorful plate!

Again, I’m not a health expert, but when I eat high fiber foods, that extra bloat flushes you out if you know what I mean… it keeps me balanced.

This eases a lot of my PMS symptoms and has worked well for me.

An easy way to keep a high-fiber diet during your week of PMS is to get to that grocery store a few days earlier and meal prep. Even if that means waking up earlier or staying up a bit later.

Play some Frank Sinatra. Light the candles. Set the mood ( because you know I’m all about that zen twist ) and do what you have to do to make yourself feel better when PMS hits!


Add Herbs To Your Diet


It’s interesting because a lot of natural solutions to PMS have to do with diet. Diet can play a major role in your mental health, right? During my research, I came across something called the Chaste Tree Berry. It’s an herbal supplement meant to help reduce the symptoms of PMS.

These are the benefits that I experienced:

  • My headaches were less severe

  • My cramps weren’t as bad

  • I didn’t feel as bloated

I know that there are other benefits that the Chaste Tree Berry herb or supplement has for PMS, but these are just what I experienced. I highly suggest trying it out for yourself!

Another HOT TIP: Add peppermint or ginger to your water. They help to reduce bloating as well!



Now, you can try this or an aromatherapy massage, but as someone who has quite severe PMS, cryotherapy really does the trick.

Whole body cryotherapy is a technique where your body becomes exposed to temperatures as low as -200 degrees fahrenheit for 3 minutes. You walk into this cryotherapy chamber or “sauna” and freeze. Your head is above the chamber, but your body is fully exposed.

Whole body cryotherapy can improve:

  1. Circulation

  2. Reduce migraines

  3. Reduces inflammation

  4. Boost energy

  5. Improve your mood

  6. Reduce pain

These are the benefits that I have personally experienced. Going to cryotherapy totally kick starts my day and I just feel good.

It helps with my cramps, it helps with bloating, it gives me the energy that I need to get moving, I end up moving more, so I end up hydrating more, it actually helps minimize my cravings and I feel less moody because of everything I just mentioned.

I’d suggest going on your worst day, or 2-3 times that week if you can.

If you don’t have a local cryotherapy place near you, treat yourself to an aromatherapy massage. Goodbye unwanted stress and anxiety. Hello relaxation.



These tips work if you actually try them obviously. Not for one day, but over a consistent period of time, you know? No pun intended.

Give them a try and make sure you prepare! Schedule those treatments in advance, prepare your meals and healthy alternatives to cravings! Stock your fridge with high-fiber foods. Buy those herbs or supplements on Amazon and get your workout clothes + gym shoes ready for movement.

Something that I struggle with is hydration, which obviously causes my symptoms to heighten. I talk about this tip for a lot of reasons, but I bought a fun water bottle that matches my brand on Amazon! It makes me ACTUALLY want to drink water.

I hope you found these tips valuable and I want to hear how they worked for you!

What do you do when PMS hits?



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