Finding time for yourself to unwind and invest in self love is not just important. It’s necessary for a healthy lifestyle, ok?

Last week, I had one of those days.

Filled with meetings from morning to night. Endless emails. Not even a second to myself.

I just remember coming home DRAINED. I could not think, you know?

Ever have those days where you are so exhausted that you cannot process a single thing?

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ANYWAY - This happens a couple times during the month because I try to time batch and pack my client meetings together.

But it takes me like a week to recover…

I think my self care obsession stemmed from my boyfriend, Pedro. He is in the tech industry and travels every other week for work. So, self care and alone time to refresh is part of his routine.

He taught me ( well, I just observed lol ) how to unwind and do the whole self care thing right.

While we don’t have a bathtub in our current home, we used to and we also travel a lot.


Don’t get grossed out with what I’m about to say… and I cannot believe I am actually about to say this… but… I sometimes take baths in the hotels.

I am a TOTAL germaphobe, so I cannot even believe this is what I do, but I clean it first OBVIOUSLY & then… I take a bubble bath.

It also depends on the hotel…


Back to my relaxing natural bath time rituals!

I’m going to share natural bath time rituals and natural shower rituals to cover both ends, k?



…and if you want to gain even more value… then:

Before I even get into BOTH rituals, you need to carve out the time. A super easy way to do this is to put it in your calendar as you would with an appointment. This is you time.

Let’s dive in.


  1. Fill the tub about half way with WARM water ( I’m a hot, like fire hot water type of girl, but it’s not good for your skin )

  2. Throw in a little bit of pink himalayan bath salt. This is amazing for muscle relaxation and any soreness you may have throughout your body.

  3. Add a bath bomb for the amazing scents.

  4. Get an aromatherapy diffuser and add Lemongrass oil. This is a great anti depressant + it fights bacteria.

  5. Dim the lights or light candles around the bath.

  6. Get a warm washcloth with lavender oil and put it over your eyes.

HOT TIP: You can softly play spa music or the sound of the rain in the background.

Then just zen out. Chill out. Relax for 20 minutes.

Get out, moisturize with your favorite lotions ( I’m actually OBSESSED with coconut oil ), put on a comfy robe and try to do this before you go to sleep.



This is very similar to the bath time rituals, except… without a bath.

  1. Turn on the shower to a warm temperature.

  2. While the shower is heating up, turn on your aromatherapy diffuser and add in Lemongrass oil for the purpose of relaxation and to fight bacteria. You can also add in a little bit of Eucalyptus oil if you are going for that spa vibe.

  3. Plug in a himalayan salt night light to set the lighting and mood.

  4. Turn on soft, relaxing music.

  5. Have a comfy robe hanging outside the shower and even a pair of slippers to keep your feet warm.

  6. Grab pink himalayan salt scrub to take with you in the shower. I love to exfoliate. It makes your skin soft and it is beyond soothing. No more than 3 times each week.

  7. While in the shower, turn up the heat of the water, stand back and take a few deep breaths to breathe in the steam and clear your nasal passage.

HOT TIP: You can hang lavender from your shower head to really bring in that natural calming remedy.

These natural remedies are amazing stress relievers. Whether you have a shower or a bath. It is perfect for after a long day of work. Before an event. While you are anxious. Or just when you need a little bit of YOU time.

You might really enjoy my must-haves for a relaxing night in!

What are your favorite bath time rituals?



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