Here we are back again with routines and rituals, guys!

I’m addicted to them. They have changed my life. But actually…



You might have read about my self care + nighttime routine, but I am going to share the specifics of my morning routine!

What I put in place to become productive, efficient and set myself up for success, k?

If you don’t currently have a morning routine in place, that’s ok. This is the perfect time to start! But, also keep in mind that it doesn't have to be PERFECT everyday.

I think that scares a lot of people.

They think that their routine has to be exactly the same everyday and then when they don’t follow through it’s like a failure.

Totally wrong.

There are days when my morning routine takes 1.5 hours. There are days when my morning routine takes 10 minutes.

What matters is that you start your day with YOU.


But, for shits and giggles, I want to share my ENTIRE long ass ( yet beyond satisfying ) morning routine with you.

Take away from it what you’d like! Incorporate parts of it into your personal morning routine and welcome to my morning!


I’m an early riser. Love the mornings. Love waking up before the sun is up. Love getting a few hours of work in before the work day starts. It feels amazing. I am a morning person.

You can probably assume that my mornings start early. They do. Keep in mind while you are reading this that your morning routine can start at whatever time works best for you!

Got it?

Before we dive in, I believe that your morning routine starts at night. Please go and read that post because that will make your mornings even EASIER especially if you aren’t a morning person.

So, my morning routine STARTS the night before.

A short synopsis:

  • I take out my clothes

  • Write my to-do list

  • Do my calendar

  • Journal

  • Read

  • Hydrate

  • Take time for myself without technology 30 minutes-an hour before bed

…and of course I have my twist

When you read the post you’ll know what I mean, but I just wanted to give you a quick little overview of WHY my morning routine starts at night.

Doing the above makes my mornings EASIER. It takes away a few simple tasks. It helps to set me up for success.



WAKE UP: 5 - 6 am EST

This is approximately when I wake up.

Some days it’s 7 am. Some days it’s 4 am.

It depends!

I’m throwing this in here because I want you to understand that your routine doesn’t have to be PERFECT. If having it PERFECT everyday works for you, then go for it! I just want everyone to know that a morning routine doesn’t have to be like crazy strict, ok?


I personally like to go to sleep with the blinds open. That way the light naturally wakes me up because I HATE the alarm. I honestly don’t even need the alarm, but I set it because you can never be too sure. If you like to sleep with the shades/blinds closed, then wake up and open them.


After I wakeup, the first thing that you want to do is drink 2 glasses of water.

I make it super easy for myself by putting a water bottle on my nightstand the night before. Hydrating in the morning boosts your energy and wakes you TF up.

Think about it - you’ve been sleeping for how many hours? Without water? When you are dehydrated you tend to feel tired, right? Aha! That’s why you need to hydrate first thing in the morning.


Meditation was never my thing. Until I actually gave it a solid chance.

I use the app Headspace and I started doing 3 minutes every morning. ONLY 3 MINUTES. At this point I do up to 10 minutes. Don’t expect to feel “zen” right away if you aren’t used to meditation. Give it a few weeks.

I meditate for mindfulness.

I meditate to become more aware. More alert. I meditate to set my intentions for the day.


I am a HUGE believer in making the bed everyday. There is literally nothing like getting back into bed at the end of the day with a freshly made bed.

Also, it just makes your home feel cleaner and organized.

If you have a significant other who doesn’t wake up at the same time as you

( *cough cough, Pedro ) that’s ok!

I wait for him to get up and get to work ( he works from home also ).



So, if I wake up at 6 am for example, then it’s about 6:20/6:30 am or so at this point.

I grab my workout clothes and go for a walk. I walk for an hour. I either go outside ( I live in Miami Beach ) or I go on the treadmill.

You do not have to walk for an hour. You can walk for 10 minutes. If you can’t walk, stretch. If you can’t stretch, find something! But movement gets your blood flowing, your heart pumping and I like to do it with a twist.

I like to listen to a good motivating podcast. Try Gary Vee, Tony Robbins or Ed Mylett!

By the time I get back from my walk, I feel energized. I feel motivated. I feel excited. I feel ready.

…but wait! There’s more…



Before I jump into the shower, I grab my journal ( HOT TIP: find a cute journal + pen online to keep you excited about writing ) and I personally write 3 pages. Every morning. Whatever comes to my mind. I just get it all out. I’d rather get it out on paper before I start my day, then carry it in my head, you know?



I put on the sound of the ocean, dim the lights ( or use my himalayan salt lamp ), and I jump in a cold shower.

If I wasn’t already awake… I take a cold shower to improve my circulation. But, I set the mood while I do it, you know? Really bringing in that zen to start my day!

Before I get out of the shower, I make it warm and set my intentions. I stand there for as long as I’d like and think about how I want my day to go. My intentions for the day. I also think about what I’m grateful for. This puts me in a positive state of mind.

HOT TIP: While you’re getting ready if you want to really get going, play some music! Doesn’t have to be the sound of the ocean… I just like the zen vibes, you know? I also love Frank Sinatra, and obviously up beat motivational music!


ANOTHER HOT TIP: People typically drink coffee with breakfast ( or without ), right? Because it wakes them up. BUT - I am one of “those” people who strongly dislikes coffee. Try these energy gummies. They are from the brand, Emergen-C! I put the link in here for you guys.


…and no, this isn’t sponsored, just thought it might help!

If you read my blog, then you know that I talk about them A LOT. I found them at Walgreens one day… tried them… and… they are amazing.

Now, let’s move on. Do I need to go into the deets here? I get dressed ( even though I work from home ), I eat breakfast and I start working.

Again, some days, my morning routine is a lot shorter. Some days, I start my day with meditation, then hydration, then journaling, then breakfast, then responding to emails, then a walk, etc… you get it.

Not everyday is perfect.


What matters is that I wake up and make time for ME!


Because on the days that I don’t, I feel a bit frazzled.

When I do my morning routine, I can better handle myself throughout the day. I have a clearer idea in my mind of what I want accomplished. I feel good, so I end up doing better work! I end up more productive. More efficient. I feel happier.

Think about it. So many people out there wake up and go straight to work. They don’t have “time” to have a morning routine.

  1. Well, what if your morning routine was to wake up 15 minutes earlier, grab a cup of coffee and read?

  2. What if your morning routine was to wake up 15 minutes earlier and think about what you are grateful for before you start the day?

The point of a morning routine is to take time for yourself so that you can be the best version of yourself throughout the day.

  • It’s to help you to manage stress better.

  • To help you manage anxiety better.

  • To help you improve your mental state overall!

Even if you are perfectly happy, successful, productive and doing great in life, but don’t have a morning routine, try this! Just setting your intentions and thinking about what you are grateful for is a positive way to start your day!

You seriously don’t know what can come from it, ok?

If you aren’t a morning person, these routines are VERY helpful.

Remember, YOU MATTER. Your heath matters. Your mental health matters.

Do you have a morning routine? I want to hear all about it!



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