I’m an introverted kind of girl. Like to be invited, but don’t want to actually go if you know what I mean… So you can say that a night in is a regular on my agenda.


One rule that I have though is that if I’m going to have a night in, I’m going to spice it up, right?

It can’t be totally boring. I need to make it relaxing and and reviving, k? You could say that what I’m about to share is my little reliable night in “kit.”

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Sometimes a night in is just what your mind, body and soul needs to refresh. It’s ok to have that time for yourself to do things that you enjoy. It’s actually incredible for your mental health in my opinion, but also kind of fun you know?

After a long week ( and I have a LOT of those ), there is nothing better than investing in ME time. It’s not selfish. It’s necessary.


If I don’t have these nights than I can’t be the best version of myself.

Does that make sense guys?

I remember back in college I used to go out almost every night, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. No judgments here…

But then, I realized that I wasn’t taking care of ME. My physical health was… ummmm… nonexistent? My mental health was on the rocks.

While I was having fun, I wasn’t doing well in school and I just didn’t feel great.

After I left school, I realized how important it was to take time for myself. How important my independence was and how much I mattered in a non-selfish way, ok?

It really shifted my life. It was empowering. To just do what I wanted to do. To wake up the next day feeling really damn good.

…and oh… stay empowered with me…

I’ve been hooked ever since and my must-haves for a night in have totally evolved.

Enough of my jabbering… Let’s dive in.



To start the relaxation process, set the mood. I’m all about engaging in your senses!


I am OBSESSED with my himalayan salt lamps ( I even have mini night lights ). They just put my mind at ease and totally give my home a spa like feel. I dedicated an entire blog post to the benefits of a himalayan salt lamp! Shut the blinds, turn off or dim the lights, light a few candles and the lighting alone will give off calm vibes.

I’m linking all of the products I use BTW! …and don’t worry, none of this is sponsored.



You have your lighting, but now it is time to really take the home spa to another level. Get an aromatherapy diffuser, and use a Eucalyptus oil or Lavender oil. Both are calming. These will relieve any tension and help you to become super relaxed. Oh, and in case you missed it and are curious to learn about the benefits of essential oils… I have a post on that too ;)



Try playing the sounds of the ocean or rain. We have surround sound in our home, but you can also just play it on your iPhone, computer, a speaker system or on the TV.


Now, let’s take this relaxation to another level, ok? You have your entire mood set in your home. You’ve got the zen vibe going, but now what?

Draw yourself a hot bubble bath or a steam shower. I typically go for a steam shower. I also have Eucalyptus oil in my bathroom, another himalayan salt night light and my peaceful sounds playing.

It feels as if I am at a luxury spa and all of my worries fade in these moments.

If you are taking a bubble bath, I’d suggest throwing in rose water or a bath bomb. The scents smell amazing and make you feel like you are at a 5 star hotel.

…and if you want to be a little extra, throw in some rose petals.

After your warm bath or steam shower, I like to throw on a big comfy white robe to lounge in. Nothing says relaxation more than being comfortable, right?

Another option is a silky robe. I have a really soft silky black robe that I love to wrap myself in after walking out of a steam shower. Specifically after I exfoliate and moisturize. It feels amazing on your skin!



Before I jump into my big cozy bed, I like to apply coconut oil all over my body and lavender oil on my pressure points.

It is soothing, it smells amazing and the coconut oil makes my skin beyond soft. I do this after I moisturize because why not?

Picture it, you have the lighting, the sounds, the scents ( aromatherapy ), the soothing shower or bath and now you are beyond relaxed while taking care of your body.



…and what would a night in be without fabulous skin care?

Who doesn’t love a nice hydrating face mask? Grab one of your favorite face masks and prepare to totally chill out ( I like the sheet face masks because you don’t have to scrub them off of your skin ).



Taking it up another notch, I like to hop into bed and grab a book. Prop myself up with a Tempur-Pedic pillow and a cozy blanket from Anthropologie! I usually read something inspirational because I love to learn. You can listen to a podcast, meditate or even journal.

The idea is to stay present and invest in YOU. While you’re listening to your favorite podcast, reading your favorite book or getting lost in guided meditation, I enjoy having a glass of red wine. Personal preference!

HOT TIP: While I’m relaxing with my book and red wine, I love to grab a warm washcloth for my forehead or back of my neck. I soak it in some lavender oil to really calm my mind.


Your Kit For A Relaxing Night In

  1. Himalayan Salt Lamp

  2. Your Favorite Candles

  3. Aromatherapy Diffuser

  4. Lavender Essential Oil

  5. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

  6. Coconut Oil

  7. Peaceful Sounds ( Ocean or Rain )

  8. Bath Bombs

  9. Big Comfy Robe

  10. Face Mask

  11. Cozy Blanket

  12. Supportive Pillows

  13. Book, Podcast, Journal or Guided Meditation

  14. Red Wine

…and then enjoy a night of self care and self soothing goodness!

What is in your self care kit for a relaxing night in?



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