A few months ago we were in Barcelona, Madrid and San Sebastian. Incredible trip. Beautiful views. Lots of wine. It was the full package trip, ya know?

Oh… and how could I forget the amount of food consumed. I mean… it’s Spain, right? If you’re a vegan, well, that sucks because the chorizo, Spanish ham and the cheeses were out of this world.


…only teasing about the Vegan joke… I used to be a vegetarian!

I had been noticing over the last year that I’ve put on a couple of pounds. It didn’t feel good, and even when I got in my 30 minute intense workout, the fat was NOT melting lol

I wasn’t about to give up my dark chocolate, but I adjusted my diet as well.

Literally nothing worked.


Obviously I felt better when I worked out and switched up my diet, but I wasn’t where I wanted to be, you know?

So, I was kind of nervous to go to Spain KNOWING that my diet was not going to exist, k?

I saw someone post on Instagram ( I’d give them credit, but I actually forgot who it was ) about counting your steps.

I’m not an Apple Watch girl and I’ve counted my steps in the past, but I was inconsistent, right?

It just never stuck if you know what I mean.


But then, ( researcher Sydney ) came out and decided to read about counting your steps and the BENEFITS of walking 10,000 steps/day.

My first impression was like WTF that’s a lot.

…and then as I was reading, I had this realization that I was sitting ALL DAY LONG & my “30 minute workout” wasn’t enough.

I wasn’t moving… I was sitting at my computer for 10+ hours and thought that if I upped my steps, I’d burn more calories, right?

Ok, so back to the story.

Here I am in Spain and I decide that I am going to count my steps.

Pedro’s family is from Spain, so when I usually travel there we don’t walk much.

This trip was different.

My family was coming along and we were about to do one tour after the next.

Perfect opportunity to see how I felt amidst all of the food and wine that I was about to consume, ok?

Everyday we’d wake up and go SOMEWHERE. On a tour, walk around the city, for a meal, the whole deal.

At the end of each day, I would have like 17,000 steps.

Aside from the fact that I never felt bloated, I felt like 10,000 steps wasn’t going to be as difficult to reach as I thought. If I started moving for 15 minutes every hour, I could easily hit it.

  • I just felt better overall.

  • My mind felt clear.

  • I felt inspired.

Obviously I was in another country, so inspiration was bound to happen, but when you get out of your normal routine and take a break, you begin to feel energized and alive.


So, I get back home to Miami and I make a commitment to myself.

I am going to walk 10,000 steps/day. I am not going to try. I MUST do it. I am a big believer in doing, not trying.

I’m either fully committed or I’m not.



What I did was set a timer for every hour.

When that timer went off, I’d get up and walk. For me personally, I’ll go outside on the boardwalk because I live on the beach.

However, you can go on a treadmill or even walk around your home.

Make it work, k?

I started losing weight.

The thing is that it isn’t about the weight loss though.

It’s about how I felt!


  1. Like my mind became clearer

  2. I was sleeping better

  3. I wasn’t as bloated

  4. I felt like I had more energy

  5. I felt inspired

  6. I felt happier

  7. I felt excited

  8. I felt like I was less stressed at the end of the day


What happens is that when you get moving, you allow your mind to rest. You are taking care of your heart. You are taking care of your mental health!

This isn’t all about taking breaks and walking.

This is about what increased movement does for your mind, body and spirit.

HOT TIP: It’s not always easy to just get up and start walking. We are all busy. We need to make time. But even if you wake up 30 minutes earlier, stay up 30 minutes later or walk while you are on the phone! Those steps count! That movement adds up!

Counting your steps reinforces healthy habits and you end up feeling good.

If you read my blog, you know my line by now… if you feel good, you do good! When you take care of YOU, you make better decisions, you feel happier, you live a more fulfilled life!

I’m about that.

It’s super easy to do. Not as difficult as you may think.

You don’t need an Apple Watch. You can count them on your phone, order an old school pedometer, or use a Fitbit! Lot’s of options out there.

This is my experience and I feel like a new person TBH.

So if you are reading this, try reading my blogs while walking around. You’ll thank me later!



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Sydney Nanberg