Listen to this: I discovered something pretty freakin’ neat about 4 years ago when my boyfriend and I first started dating.

He had this salt lamp in his bedroom on the nightstand next to the bed and I actually had never seen one before. I loved it because of the ambiance. The room had this spa + zen like feel and it was absolutely relaxing.

In good old Sydney fashion, I went to do some research to see if I could get one for my apartment and realized that this wasn’t just a NORMAL salt lamp.

It was a Himalayan salt lamp that had anxiety and stress reducing benefits. SOLD!

Himalayan salt lamps are actually KNOWN for having many health & environmental benefits, ok?

The amount of stress that my body feels on a consistent basis is unhealthy, and I was hooked on learning more. Finding natural ALTERNATIVES is a MAJOR MUST for me.


Let me just tell you… during this time ( 20 year old me ), had just moved down to Miami, I was getting my Real Estate license ( pre-marketing firm + pre-blog/movement ) and I was BEYOND stressed.

A quick side note:

Self-pressure: It’s a real thing. A very real thing for me. I put an insane amount of pressure on myself, so even something like a Real Estate course brought me to tears at times. The thought of failure, the “what if’s,” just absolutely killed me.

Ya feel?

…and might I mention that this was also pre-wellness Sydney. I have always been into self-care and mindset, but actually incorporating it into my regular routine used to be quite difficult.

SO, when I would go over to Pedro’s apartment, the salt lamp was an added bonus LOL because I was such a “stressed” 20 year old at the time that I oddly enough looked forward to that lamp more than date night!

Not really… but, it was nice.


When I tell you it calmed me down about 80% more than any other natural technique, I’m not even kidding.

I came across some very intriguing advantages of this Himalayan Salt Lamp.


  • Purifies + Cleanses & Improves Air Quality

  • Calms Down The Allergies ( a definite MUST for me )

  • Can Alleviate Cold Symptoms

  • Can Boost Blood Flow

  • Lowers Cortisol

  • Can Raise Energy Levels

  • Boost Your Mind by Sharpen Concentration + Performance

  • Enhance Your Mood (ummm YES )

  • It Can Be Good For Digestion

  • Reduces Stress + Promotes Relaxation

  • Improves Your Sleep

Not only are they GORG, and a great asset to a nightstand, but they are made up from pieces of salt crystal that radiate natural sources of light.

Cool, right?

If you’ve seen my Insta Stories, you know how ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED I am with my Himalayan salt lamp.

It is part of my everyday life, and from my personal experience, it totally reduces stress. The days when I DO NOT use it ( when I visit family usually ), I can see a significant difference.

You know I’m all about that self-care combo for the full zen experience. I love the basic wellness essentials, but spicing them up is what I do best ;)



First of all, I just want to say that having the salt lamp on at any time can be beneficial. I personally just like the spice it up and really get into that self-care!


My ABSOLUTE favorite thing to do is:

  1. Shut off all of the lights

  2. Turn on my aromatherapy diffuser with some eucalyptus oil

  3. Put my PeacefulSounds app on the surround sound throughout the apartment ( the rain sound of course )

  4. Switch on my Himalayan salt lamp

This is the spa like experience.

5. Grab your Suja juice ( the one with water, lemon and cayenne. It’s more of a probiotic water )

6. Maybe even pull out the Headspace app for meditation

Trust me when I say that you will be LIVIN’.

However, other times I like to use it when I am:

  • Showering

  • Reading

  • Going to sleep

  • Having a stressful day

  • Relaxing after a workout.

It’s pretty much ALWAYS on after 4 PM because… why not?

Overall, this TOTALLY helps to reduce my anxiety, stress and sleep.

Highly recommend it guys.

Heading out for the night ( to my bed lol ), but let me know what you guys think once you try it! DM me, email me, ask me questions, I want to know what you really think! :)

OH! and here are a few links to different kinds of Himalayan salt lamps from Amazon!

My personal FAVE

The Nightlight



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