I’m not a diet type of girl. I need my chocolate. I need my sweets. I need my midnight snack ( although I try to avoid it ), and I don’t enjoy feeling restricted, ok?

I’m more of a “lifestyle change” type of girl who would rather do things in moderation. I just personally feel that it’s healthier and maintainable, you know?

So, I discovered something recently and I have been BEYOND excited to share this with you. Anxiety plays a huge roll in my life and so does stress. Ugh. The worst, but natural remedies are my thing.


Something else that I have been dealing with is my thyroid. It’s off and causing me to feel extra swollen and my panic attacks are off the charts.

BUT - even if you don’t have a thyroid issue, you will find what I’m about to share valuable!

It was time to take matters into my own hands and test different remedies to see what works best.


  • The swelling

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

I do my meditation, my journaling, I workout, I stay hydrated, I try to get enough sleep, but something was seriously off & missing.

There are times where I get swollen to the point where I assume it is a panic attack. My throat feels like it’s closing and the sensation is quite scary, you know?


One night ( I feel like this is a bedtime story ), I took Advil for my throat swelling. I noticed that after 30 minutes I felt better.

Thoughts that went through my mind…

  • Was it a panic attack?

  • Was I swollen because of my Thyroid?

  • Was I dehydrated?

  • Was it an allergic reaction?

Well, I can tell you one thing, Advil is an anti-inflammatory drug that I try NOT to take because it can be harmful to your body. BUT - this sparked something.

What would happen if I tried an anti-inflammatory diet?

Now, I’m not a nutritionist by any means, but I’m a curious person who will go above and beyond to find natural solutions!

First things first, what is an anti-inflammatory diet?

It’s a diet that consists of lots of fruits, vegetables, plant-based proteins, fatty fish and fresh herbs. Essentially, you are avoiding foods that cause inflammation such as processed foods, greasy foods and super sweet foods.

To make this super simple, anti-inflammatory foods are typically the foods that a nutritionist would tell you to eat to improve your diet. That’s how I like to think of it, k?


An anti-inflammatory diet isn’t a magic cure, but I learned that it can significantly decrease flare ups such as swelling, but the other benefits that I read about convinced me on another level. It’s also not as bad as you might think ( diet restriction wise ).

Get ready.


These are the benefits that I noticed


I just want to point out that there are hundreds of blogs online that will list out benefit after benefit. The difference between those blogs and what you are reading now is a real life testimonial. I want you to learn what actually worked for me. What didn’t work for me.

Listen guys, I am a HUGE researcher and when I see the same lists on every website, I just feel like I need more. Like, I want to read more about REAL LIFE experiences that people had with these diets ( or lifestyle changes ).

So, that is what I am giving you and I hope you find value in this information! I’m not going to list all of the benefits, but I am going to list all of the benefits that I experienced. There are MANY more.


  • Reduced my swelling

  • Decreased my anxiety

  • Less brain fog ( the worst )

  • Better sleep

  • Weight loss

  • Clearer skin ( who doesn’t want a nice glow? )

While I might not feel 100% everyday, I feel 100% better when I stick to an anti-inflammatory diet. I’m all about feeling good, and if you know me by now, you know that I believe you do good when you feel good!


As if diets ( or lifestyle changes ) weren’t difficult enough, I’ll share what’s in my shopping cart to give you a little inspiration! I’ll do it by meal to make it easier and then give you a feel snacks, k?



  • Green Juice: Love the brand Suja!

  • Egg Whites w/ onions + spinach

( sometimes I’ll add a gluten-free english muffin )


  • Kale caesar salad w/ grilled chicken or salmon + onions, walnuts, blueberries & olive oil

( sometimes I’ll throw that in a gluten-free wrap )

  • Stuffed red pepper ( there are some awesome recipes out there )


  • Grilled chicken w/ grilled brussels sprouts or grilled cauliflower w/ a little olive oil + salt & pepper

  • Lemon herb salmon + zucchini


  • Almonds or walnuts

  • Fruits! Strawberries, blueberries and oranges

  • Kale chips ( trust me, they are delicious )

  • Pineapple smoothie

  • Bell peppers w/ hummus

  • Avocado w/ a little lemon on top ( you can even put it on some gluten-free quinoa crackers )

Again, these are just my “go-to’s” & what is in my own personal shopping cart! I’ve really had to work on changing around my diet, but there are lots of healthy alternatives, and the best part is that I actually FEEL better.

Anything for mental health, got it?

Now, I’m off to make a little fruit smoothie!

Did you find this valuable? What are some of your favorite anti-inflammatory foods? I’d love to hear!


Sydney <3

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Sydney Nanberg