Experiencing a panic attack is not only scary, but it can put a pause on what we are doing in life. Panic attacks don’t always let you know when they will happen. Sometimes they come out of no where. They can be debilitating and it can be difficult to tell whether you are panicking or if something is wrong with our health.

I’ve always suffered from anxiety. I’m an introvert and get anxious in social situations. I tend to worry about my health and flying gives me anxiety.

It wasn’t until about six months ago that I started suffering from daily panic attacks. They creep up on me at night as I’m trying to fall asleep. Despite my nighttime routine and self care habits, they come out of no where and and disrupt my life.



So, I get it. If you are suffering from panic attacks, I know the feeling. We all experience panic attacks differently. Although I know how others might experience these sudden attacks of anxiety, I can only share my experience.

When I get a panic attack, I begin to get extremely warm. My whole body heats up as if I have the flu. I get nauseous, a bit dizzy and my throat feels as if it is closing. Literally the worst. Then, I feel like I can’t breath, experience shortness of breath and just feel like I’m going to pass out.

It can last for 30 minutes or it can last for 2 hours.

Over the past six months, I’ve been convinced that something is medically wrong with me. I have discovered that I have food sensitivities and that my thyroid is off.

Now that I am aware of this, I do stay away from certain foods. I’ve adjusted my habits, yet I still suffer from these panic attacks. Not as severe, but they aren’t gone.

I meditate, journal, exercise and take care of my health daily. Self care is the key to self help in my opinion, but when these panic attacks hit, it’s like all of my hard work has gone down the drain. When I have a panic attack, I don’t like to sit still.

BUT - I’m a no excuses kind of girl and I don't give up until I find relief. I’m committed to living a happy life and I won’t stop until I find solutions.

…but first… do you prefer podcasts?


Think of this as your go to resource to keep handy when you experience a panic attack. Like I said, we can’t always “prevent” a panic attack, but how we handle it can determine how long it lasts, ok?

While my morning routine and my nighttime routine totally help with prevention, I’ve found that these little tricks help relieve the panic as it happens.

These are tools, not a specific process.

You can come up with a routine if that works best for you, but TBH, I just go to whatever feels right in the moment, you know?


Ok, this might sound silly to you, but you need to unleash your inner child or at least be open minded! Our senses are powerful especially during a panic attack. As I was in the middle of a panic attack one day, I just felt like I needed to squeeze something.

So, for whatever reason, my mind immediately went to play-doh! Haven’t used it since I was a little kid, but the next morning, I made my way over to target and purchased some. First of all, they cost a few dollars. Second, you can order it off of Amazon.

You can click the link here to Play-Doh.

( obviously going to give you the links to make this as easy as possible for you )

When I feel a panic attack come on, I grab the play-doh and just start playing with it. The texture feels amazing and it gives me something to squeeze. This helps to relieve some of the anxiety that I am feeling in the moment and I couldn’t believe how well it worked!


When a panic attack comes on, sometimes we just feel like curling up in a ball. I get it. But, as I’m curled up in that ball, all that I can think of is how the hell do I get out of this?

Again, let’s go back to our inner child…

Grab a coloring book! You can order adult coloring books off of Amazon as well.

Start drawing.


Put on some soothing music. I like the sound of the ocean, a little Frank Sinatra or spa music. Download the app, Relax YogaMusic.

It totally gets you out of your head and shifts your focus. This personally helps me to slow down my thought process.


Switching up my environment has been a game changer for me, ok? It honestly doesn’t matter what time it is, but when I start to panic, getting into a steam shower and just letting the water run is amazing.

I actually sit down in the shower and let the water hit my back. It just shakes things up for me in a good way. It relieves shortness of breath, helps me to engage in some deep breathing and snap out of it.

Just sit there and let the water run on your face, body or back. You can sit down. You can stand up. You can even switch the water from hot to cold. Find what works for you.


I like to turn all of the lights off. Light a few candles, turn on my himalayan salt lamp, play calming music and let lavender flow through my aromatherapy diffuser. This just sets the mood, makes you feel like you are at a spa and creates a calming environment.


The truth is that when a panic attack comes on, we can’t stop it. We have to let it pass. It’s important to feel our feelings, but have the tools ready to help relieve some of that anxiety.

This is what personally helps me in moments of severe panic, and I hope that you found this valuable! There are so many tricks out there about deep breathing, meditation and movement. Sitting with your feelings. Writing about your feelings. You know what I’m talking about.

…and while I’m all about that… it just doesn’t work for me MID PANIC, k?

So, if you are like me and just don’t know what to do when a panic attack hits, then try these out!

What do you do when experiencing a panic attack? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading :)

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