You guys know that I’m all about movement.

Whether it is during a break, first thing when I wake up in the morning or just to clear my mind.

Movement is everything. I’m all about counting steps and making sure that I take care of my physical health.

One thing that I literally cannot stand are excuses. Excuses as to why you can’t exercise.

Honestly, I hate all excuses.

But, we can all make time for taking care of our physical health because that affects our mental health, you know?

If you read my post on my morning routine, then you know that I walk for an hour every morning before I start my day.

I get it…

Not everyone has time for that, but I am going to keep this super real… you have to find ways to make it work for you!


You don’t have to walk for an hour every morning, but find ways to move!

At the end of this post I thought I’d put a few ways to get moving for the busy person, so read until the end.


  1. It increases alertness

  2. Boosts your mood

  3. Helps you lose weight

  4. Helps you to tone your body

  5. Keeps your heart healthy

  6. Boosts your immune system

  7. Reduces anxiety

  8. Reduces stress

  9. Reduces depression

  10. Helps to improve sleep

  11. Totally boosts creativity

  12. Increases productivity

  13. Lowers the risk of certain cancers

  14. Lowers your cholesterol

  15. Lowers high blood pressure

  16. Fights dementia

  17. Lowers the risk of diabetes

  18. Increases your energy

  19. Helps improve your confidence

  20. Improves concentration

  21. Helps prevent strokes

  22. Improves your skin tone and textures ( ok, I’m sold )

  23. Sharpens your memory

  24. Improves the quality of your life


Ok, there are WAY more benefits to exercise obviously, but I’m just sharing the ones that I feel might apply to your life right now.

Put it in perspective.

It’s not JUST about feeling good on the outside and confidence.

But, it’s also about making sure that you are healthy. Without health, you have nothing.

I’ve learned that in the last year after facing a few deaths in my family.

Take care of your body and it will take care of you. Exercise is amazing for mental health, and your mental health will help you to feel fulfilled and happy in life, got it?

Putting my life in perspective and really thinking about the benefits makes me want to jump out of bed ( or wherever I am ) and get moving, you know?

I hope it motivates you just as much.

If you need some inspiration about fitness, check out Tone It Up. I LOVE these girls. They are not just fitness gurus, but they are all about self care, living a healthy lifestyle and they are actually hilarious.

They remind me of me and my best friend.

…oh, and if you HATE working out, walking or any form of exercise and the list above doesn’t really help…


  • Find a Netflix series and watch it while you walk

  • Listen to a podcast

  • Put together a music playlist

  • Make it fun and time yourself doing intervals

  • Sign up for a class with a friend

Are you one of those super busy people like me?

But are you one of those super busy people who say they don’t have time for exercise?


  • Jumping jacks in between TV commercials

  • Find a video on YouTube and do Yoga ( or Zumba )

  • Take 15 minutes after you wake up and stretch

  • Take 15 minutes before bed and do a little workout routine next to your bed

  • Walk while you’re on the phone ( you can even walk in circles around your house )

I hope you found this post valuable! What are your favorite workouts? I’m a HIIT workout type of girl and you can say that I am OBSESSED with running.

Gotta get those steps in, ya know?

…and for those of you wondering! I try and hit 10,000 steps/day!

Have a good night!



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Sydney Nanberg