You’ve had bad days. I’ve had bad days. We all have bad days. They suck. You want to know how to get out of them? Well, you’re in luck because I’ve found some fun tactics.

You know what I hate more than laziness? Boring tips.

That’s why I’m all about that twist and going above and beyond. 

I feel like I’m going to be that mom that throws extravagant birthday parties.

…and for the record before you read this, self-care doesn’t just have to be face masks, affirmations and motivational quotes. Let’s be real, self-care is anything that has to do with making yourself feel good, got it?

OK, let’s get to it. Having a bad day? Want to get out of it? Want to feel like your amazing and beautiful self?

Here are 15 self-care ideas that ALWAYS ( well, most of the time ) work for me on a bad day:


Create a “Home Wellness Center”

You know I’m all about the zen.

  • Make your bedroom dark

  • Light your favorite candles

  • Purchase a himalayan salt lamp if you haven’t

  • Put on the sound of the rain

  • Grab some eucalyptus oil + get that aromatherapy diffuser going

  • Take a warm shower

  • Put on some comfy clothes

  • …and meditate


Get Moving


Exercise is one of the best ways to not only shift your mood and get you out of a funk, but switch up your environment!

Switching up your environment puts you in a completely different state of mind.

It gives you energy, decreases stress + anxiety and you might even feel inspired.

Something that I like to do ( besides taking a walk & counting my steps ) is going to a Yoga class or a Bootcamp type class on my own. I like to sign up for a class at a gym that I have never been to before.

…and do you want to know why?

Because it’s literally the most uncomfortable thing in the entire world! Getting in some exercise is great, but doing it in a totally different environment, with new people, will push you out of your comfort zone, get you out of your own head and you’ll feel pretty proud after.


Pamper Yourself


…ok I know I said face masks aren’t the only form of self-care, but how could I leave this out. Do a wellness moment.

  • Face mask

  • Hair mask

  • Exfoliate

  • Mani/Pedi

  • Moisturize

…I mean, why not whiten your teeth while you’re at it?

The best feeling in the world ( for me ) is having silky smooth skin and a fresh mani/pedi. You’ll just feel good after! Refreshed as I like to say.




If you thought that I was going to leave this out you are mistaken. I talk about journaling in almost every post because it is considered another version of meditation! So, if deep breathing isn’t for you, maybe writing is.

Just write. Write a few pages. Anything that comes to your mind. Get it out. Write about your day. Write a book. Write a funny story. Talk about a good memory. Create a gratitude list. Get creative!

My entire mood changes after I journal and that’s why I do it every day!


Create a Vision Board

Isn’t this what everyone is doing today? #onlykidding

Creating a vision board is a fun project and a great way to get out of your own head! You can create it on your computer, iPad or the good old fashioned way - on a poster from Walgreens. Grab some magazines, get some markers, a glue stick and put everything that you want in life on this board!

This is a great way to get you excited about life and out of your rut.


Declutter Your Home


I did this last week. I went through my drawers ( Pedro’s drawers, but don’t tell him ), my closet, my bathroom, my storage boxes, my kitchen and cleaned out anything I didn’t need. Not only did this keep me busy, but I felt so refreshed once it was done!


Watch a Movie, TV Show or YouTube Video

Sometimes when we are having a bad day, we just need to get out of our own head. My favorite thing to do when I’m having a bad day is watch makeup tutorials on YouTube. First of all, they are extremely soothing for some reason. Second, I feel like I’m learning something. Kind of, you know?

I just enjoy them. I love James Charles videos.

I also like to look up funny videos of animals, start a show on Netflix or watch a movie that puts me in a good mood.

…and just a random thought… what about looking up videos of angry people? It’s kind of funny to watch and makes you realize how normal it is to have a shitty day, k?

I’ll throw on my favorite comfy clothes, get in bed, grab some tea and just allow myself to chill.


Dance Obviously…

You might think this sounds crazy, but doing the opposite of how you feel is quite powerful. You might not be feeling it at first, but let me tell you, when your favorite song comes on, force yourself to get up and move. You’ll end up laughing at yourself and not to mention, get a little exercise in ;)

10,000 steps/day, got it? Just my thing.


Write Yourself a Letter


I’ve done this one AN AWFUL LOT. I write what I love about myself, talk about my accomplishments, what I’m grateful for, why I think I’m funny and others don’t… ( ya know how that goes ;) )

Just write a kind and loving letter to yourself. It’s something nice to read for the next time you’re having a rough day. We all have them, so why not prepare!

Oh, and make it fun. Go grab some fun pens, markers, crayons ( if you’re into that ), and cool paper. Make it a little project. Not only do you get to write a nice letter to yourself, you get to make it look pretty.

…and like I said, I don’t like boring, go to the post office and mail it to yourself. It might sound silly, but it also might make you laugh or smile when you get it in the mail.


Write Someone Else a Letter


This is such a cute idea and one of my favorites. Maybe it’s your mom, dad, sibling, dog, significant other, grandma, grandpa, cousin or friend.

Write them a letter about how much you love them, appreciate them and you can even share a funny story. Doing things for other people always leaves me feeling warm inside.


Read a Book


Don’t just read ANY book. I mean… you’re having a bad day, and when you’re having a bad day, who wants to read? Or do anything for that matter!

Grab an inspiring book or a book that makes you laugh ( yes, it can be a magazine ), get in a bubble bath with a glass of wine ( if you are of age ) and chill.

Don’t have a bath? Throw a face mask on, put some essential oils in an aromatherapy diffuser, play some spa sounds on the PeacefulSounds app and light candles. Create the vibe if you know what I mean.


Try to Smile


Whether you are at home, the office, school or a party, go into the bathroom, look yourself in the mirror and smile. Yes, it sounds comical, but frowning isn’t going to help you feel better.

You might even laugh at yourself. I’ve found that smiling when I feel down and laughing at myself helps me to get out of that bad day quicker.


Get in the Kitchen!


The last thing that you want to do when you are having a bad day is stuff your face with carbs. I obviously do it, but that’s not the point.

Something that really makes me feel good when I’m having a bad day is to cook a healthy meal! …and you know I’m all about the self-care with a twist.

I don’t just cook the healthy meal, but I set the mood.

  • I play Frank Sinatra

  • Light candles

  • Dim the lights ( well, not too much )

  • Set the table

Sometimes I even like to surprise Pedro with a healthy, candle lit dinner. Even if you are single, you can do it for yourself! Send yourself roses. Make the table pretty. Get the zen involved, you know? Don’t just cook! Cook to relax and feed yourself foods filled with vitamins and nutrients.

It’s a win win, ok?


Day Dream

I had a lot of bad days growing up. I was bullied in school and would come home crying quite often. The only thing that got me through besides my dog, Cooper, was day dreaming. I day dreamed in school, I day dreamed after school, I day dreamed when I went to sleep.

I thought about the future. My goals. What I wanted. What my life will be like. It’s almost like a form of The Law of Attraction ( which I am obsessed with ).

The more you day dream about what you want, the more decisions that you will make that will get you closer to those goals. You’ll begin to feel excited. Imagine your life as if you are already living with your goals accomplished.

Day Dream with a Twist

( well, let’s keep it simple )

  • Get all comfy

  • Grab a glass of wine ( if you are of age )

  • …or grab a really good juice. Obsessed with the brand Suja.

  • Put on the himalayan salt lamp

  • I like to grab a warm wash cloth and put some lavender oil on it for the spa scent

  • Close your eyes

  • …and you’re off

Maybe set an alarm clock so you don’t fall asleep.


Get Dolled Up


Because why not!? Grab your favorite outfit, do your hair, your makeup and just feel good about yourself! Even if you don’t have anywhere to go, feeling your best never hurt.

If you’ve been having a tough week, try making it fun. Schedule a photoshoot, plan a date ( with your significant other or friend ), plan a YOU night where you cook yourself dinner and dress up.

Take it a step further and add in some retail therapy if you can. Purchase an outfit you’ve been dying to wear! Life is too short not to feel good.

Alrighty everyone… on that note… I’m going to get ready for bed, but I hope you found this valuable! Send me an email with some of your FAVORITE self-care tips for a bad day. I’d love to hear!



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Sydney Nanberg