If you read my most recent wellness blog post, then you know how I feel about whole body cryotherapy. I was a huge fan and loved the local spot, Cryo Miami. Whole body cryotherapy not only reduced the inflammation in my body, but stress, anxiety and gave me a boost of natural energy.

To say I am obsessed is an understatement.

When I was at Cryo Miami for my whole body session, they told me about a few other treatments that I was interested in trying.

So, I scheduled an appointment for local cryotherapy.

Local cryotherapy is meant to treat one area of the body.

The treatment is 10 minutes opposed to a whole body session, which is just 3.

The temperature is much cooler and is meant to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation.

Local cryotherapy treats a specific location with temperatures as low as -240 degrees fahrenheit.

Obviously my entire mission is to find natural treatments that help to reduce stress and anxiety.

But, what about those who deal with pain and therefore, suffer from increased anxiety or stress?

What if there was a treatment to help heal pain so that you can move forward with your life?

…and even if you don’t suffer from pain…

Any kind of stress causes serious tension in the body and finding treatments that help relieve that tension can increase productivity, energy and happiness!

I’m a runner. I also carry a lot of stress + tension in my legs.

Should I stretch more? Probably, but I don’t.

It only made sense for them to focus on my legs.

They did 5 minutes per leg.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I saw the machine, but I was ready to see what it was about.

So they pull out this long tube. Unlike whole body cryotherapy, which uses a cryotherapy sauna, local cryotherapy uses a hand held piece. You can see the cold air liquid nitrogen coming out of this wand-like device.

Not painful at all.

Now you might wonder, can’t you just use ice?

Yeah. But, I have to tell you, it’s not the same.

After doing some research, I found that when you take ice out of the freezer, it is typically at about 32 degrees fahrenheit. Whereas local cryotherapy is at -240 degrees fahrenheit. Ice baths are typically 46 degrees fahrenheit.

Major difference.

Local cryotherapy is short. Colder. Basically works faster.

…and I’m sure you are wondering… is this SYDNEY APPROVED?

Let’s dive into…


I’ve been to Cryo Miami before, so I knew how friendly and welcoming the staff was. They make you feel super comfortable, the environment is clean and they are quick.

They take good care of you. You’re in good hands.

I had a ton of questions and they had zero issues answering any of them. Love that! Especially since local cryotherapy was new to me.

They make the experience easy. I called before to make an appointment and they got me right in.

Overall, I’d rate the experience a 10.

Let’s talk about…


As I mentioned, I am a runner and carry stress in my legs. Probably because they are already sore from all of the consistent movement, right?

So, I figured I’d try the local cryotherapy on my thighs.

I used to use ice on my legs and I’ve IMPROVED ( I’m still pretty inconsistent ), but I’ve improved on stretching.

I’d lay in bed at night and feel like I needed to put bricks on my legs.

That is how sore they get. Even AFTER I iced them, ok?

I’m sitting in the clean room on a table waiting to freeze!

HOT TIP: You can keep your clothing on or remove it. Whatever works best.

To be entirely honest, I was a little nervous to have -240 degrees fahrenheit directly on my legs for 10 minutes, so I left my pants on.

Here we go…

The treatment has begun and it felt like the biggest stress relief I’ve had in a long time. I could feel the cold going through my pants, almost into my thighs if you can imagine. But it wasn’t painful. It felt amazing.

Each leg got 5 minutes of pure relief. It tingled a bit after about a minute, but I never went numb and it just felt relaxing.

…while it felt great during the session, what about after?


I truly believe that with these treatments you need to go consistently.

One session will not change your life, ok?

But, it’s been a couple of days since my local cryotherapy session and my legs ( **knock on wood ) haven’t ached since.

…and they ache every single night. Even when I ice them.

I’ve been trying to find a solution. My boyfriend usually falls asleep with his legs over mine because the weight of his legs feel amazing on mine.

I was thrilled when I discovered this treatment! When my legs aren’t aching, I sleep better at night, which means more productive days!

At Cryo Miami, they recommend doing local cryotherapy in combination with whole body cryotherapy for the full effects.

It is a great way to speed up recovery, keep inflammation down and reduce pain.


I’m going to have to say… yes! As someone who deals with pain on a consistent basis and loads of stress, local cryotherapy was a win for me.

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 7.50.20 AM.png

Even if I didn’t have pain in my legs, having a session of local cryotherapy that targets a stress point ( common areas are your back, neck, shoulders, or ankles ), can help to reduce that stress significantly.

It’s relaxing, calming and the effects last. At least for me!

I’d suggest giving it a try!

You can book at appointment with Cryo Miami here ——> Book an appointment!

I can’t wait to hear about your experience!

Stay tuned because I will be trying facial cryotherapy soon!



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