Stress. we need to get rid of you. can we all agree?

I’m being totally blunt in this post because I’m ready to find holistic solutions to our everyday problems.

Today I was ready to experience something new. I have been beyond stressed lately and needed a release. While self-care isn’t just about massages, it is about finding natural treatments that WORK and give us the results we desire, ok?

When I used to go for a massage, I’d just get a regular massage, right?

BUT - there are many types of massages and I need to experience them all to see the difference.

So, I had such a great experience the other week at Eména Spa, that I decided to go back and try their Lathi massage that their incredible masseuse, Manuela recommended.

The definition of a Lathi massage by Eména Spa:

“Lathi which means “oil” is a massage consisting of generous amounts of healing oils whose properties are known to revive and nourish the body. The warm oils will help increase circulation, detox the body of impurities, decrease signs of aging and smooth and soften the skin leaving your body feeling nourished and revived.”

The question is… would it decrease stress levels and tension in my body + is this massage SYDNEY APPROVED?

Let’s find out!


If you read my last post about Eména Spa, then you know that the experience of the spa, the energy and cleanliness is a 10.

I knew that I was going in for a warm oil massage to decrease tension. So, here I am, walking into this massage, and as per usual, Manuela asked me where I feel the most tension.

I let her know that I work on my computer and am CONSTANTLY hunched over. My upper back and neck are a complete mess. I’m also a runner and the biggest mistake that I make on a daily basis is that I don’t stretch. SO, at night, my legs are aching.


Last time I went in for an aromatherapy massage for relaxation and to reduce anxiety, but this time, I needed something to get rid of my stress and tension.

Not only did the warm oil feel soothing, I could literally feel the tension melting away throughout the massage and it wasn’t painful.

It wasn’t that it was just relaxing, I felt that it ACTUALLY decreased tension. I felt a release. I felt like Manuela really focused on the areas where I held the most tension and just removed it. That was the purpose.

What I love about Eména Spa is that you know that you are in good hands. You walk in and feel a comforting vibe. It has that family oriented business feel if you know what I mean. They truly care and make sure that they are focusing on the right areas for YOU.

While the experience was phenomenal, I want to share with you if I think it’s actually worth the money and if it is a good holistic approach to reduce stress levels.


  • My truth

  • Is it worth the money?

  • How often should you go?

To be completely honest with you… when Manuela first recommended that I try a Lathi massage, I was hesitant. I said yes because I want to try different things for you guys. I figured that it would be relaxing, but relaxing like every other massage you know?

Like I mentioned above, this massage not only reduced my stress levels, but it did what it was supposed to do. It released tension in my body.

…and I have A LOT.


When I went home, I did not feel like taking a nap as I did after my aromatherapy massage, but I was actually more PRODUCTIVE! Because I felt less stress, I felt motivated and revived. Less stiff and ready to power through my day.


Yes. We all face stress in life, and that stress takes a toll on our bodies. Massages are wonderful in general, and a luxury to experience, but I noticed that this specific massage with the warm oils wiped away that tension I had been feeling.


I would recommend a Lathi massage at the end of every month or as needed. It is a great way to end the month and start fresh for the next!

That is my personal opinion. If you can go more than once per month, then great! I totally understand that massages can get expensive.

I am a big believer in investing in yourself. When you take care of yourself, you can take care of others. That goes for family, friends, relationships and work.

I expected to leave this massage feeling the same way I do after any massage. I did not. I felt relaxed, yes, but when Eména Spa says that you will leave feeling revived, that couldn’t be closer to the truth.


YES! I would recommend this massage to anyone facing stress, lots of tension and to anyone who enjoys hitting the gym, but forgets ( or doesn’t like ) to stretch ( like me ).

If you are traveling to the Miami area, live in the Miami area or are looking to melt away that stress. This is a MUST!

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Sydney Nanberg