When I was in college I was on a roller coaster called “my life is a mess.” Those highs, lows, and in betweens were a real emotional drainer, you know?

Everyday I had the same thoughts running through my mind:

What am I going to do after college?

Is college even for me?

What if I left college?

Will I be successful?

Will I ever get married?

Ya know, the usual questions any 20 something year old has when life is up in the air.


My sophomore year of college, I flew from Chicago ( where I grew up ) all the way to Tucson, Arizona, moved into my new apartment like every other college student that year, and proceeded back to the airport the following day. I landed back in Chicago right where I left, but not in school.


…but it wasn’t funny. Do you ever feel like a sense of humor helps when everything seems to go wrong?

Side note: I was watching an episode of MTV’s “Are You The One”, and one of the contestants tag line was “Hides Behind Humor.” I might actually do the same. If we are being real…


ANYHOW, I was struggling. I was depressed. I was anxious. I was scared. I was every emotion you could possibly think of and I needed guidance.

The fact that I didn’t know what I was doing or where I was going took a toll on my mental health.

This is where the journey began and when I discovered the power that music has over our minds.



I’ve always loved music. I’m not a huge “concert lover,” and that is because I am a total introvert and shy in big groups, but I still love music, you know?

Music can bring out the best in you. It can bring out new emotions, memories, old feelings and make you smile. It can also make you cry, but we are just going to skip that part, ok?

It gives people something to talk about, a new way to find others who have similar passions, it’s a good conversation starter, it’s a community ( I mean, kind of if you think about it because it brings people together ).

My parents LOVE music. They go to concerts all the time ( in the summer ), and are always playing music on surround sound throughout the house. Music can be so uplifting. It can set the mood and tone of your day. Shall I go on?

Someone once told me this tool that they use to shift their mood. They do it through music and I honestly thought it was pure genius.


It’s called, The Playlist Technique

…no, this is not a regular Spotify playlist with songs that make you happy…


You can create these to shift any kind of mood. Do you want to be happier? Use this. Do you want to be excited? Use this. Do you want more energy? Use this.

Now, The Playlist Technique.

Let’s use the example of wanting a Playlist Technique to increase your level of happiness. This is what you do.

Pick 5-7 songs.

SONG #1: Dictates exactly how you are feeling in the moment.

SONG #2: Something a little more uplifting, but still how you feel in the moment.

SONG #3: Slightly more uplifting, but with a positive spin.

SONG #4: Another song like song #4.

SONG #5: A song that makes you want to get up.

SONG #6: A motivating song.

SONG #7: A happy song that puts you in a great mood. Your favorite uplifting song.

Get the point yet?

I’m not even kidding this is actually like a therapy session. Don’t pick 2 songs. You need to have a solid amount of time to really SEE AND FEEL the shift, ok?

You allow yourself to FEEL your feelings, but you slowly get yourself out of it through music. You end with a bang! Your favorite song that gets you moving.

You know how when you aren’t in the best mood you don’t want to listen to a happy song? Well, this takes you almost on the journey to get to that point.


I want to know what you all think of this technique! Have you tried it? Are you wiling to try it? When you try it will you let me know what you think?

On that note, I am going to get some rest. Pedro is obsessed with the TV show, “The Challenge,” and he would like if I became just as obsessed.




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Sydney Nanberg