You guys already know. I’m the CEO of a marketing agency, I have a podcast, a blog and I love to travel. I’m literally about to board a plane for Barcelona. I’m passionate about what I do, but I do A LOT.


It’s super easy to get burned out, you know? It’s super easy to overbook myself, ok? It’s super easy to miss appointments and run late.

It’s super easy to just get wound up in being overwhelmed.

No bueno.

What I’ve learned is something called time batching and it has made my life a whole lot easier & more productive.

…and who doesn’t love efficiency?

I wanted to share what I do to balance my lengthy to-do lists & I hope you find value in this!

The first thing that I did when I began time batching was to figure out what I do on a daily basis and find ways to become more efficient with that task.


& how I think of the process

  • BLOG POSTS: I am obsessed with writing. Because I want to be a self-care, wellness & mindset resource for you, it is important that I always have fresh content. New reviews, new tips, new ideas, new check-lists and valuable content. I put a lot of time into developing each post.

What I used to do is write a blog post almost everyday. I’d do it at night right before bed. I actually found it to be relaxing, but the issue is that there are days where I am working until midnight.


I pick 2 days/week where I sit down for about 3 hours and knock out 4 posts. That covers the week. I prepare my topics in advance and I have that time ( without any distractions ) to write. I usually do Saturday’s or Sunday’s because that is when I have quiet time.

Having these posts complete and ready to go, free’s up a lot of time during the week and at night. It removes any added pressure and helps me to be more efficient! Maybe I write from 7 am - 10 am on Saturday + Sunday ( you can find times/days that work for you ) & then I’m done!

  • SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS: I own a digital marketing company. Social media is what I do. Well, part of what I do. Whether it is for my own personal social media or for my clients, it is important for me to make sure everything goes out on time.

Creating and posting to social media is more time consuming than you might think. You have to create the post, post the post and engage for the post. I’d say I spend about half my day doing this EVERY DAY. Again, no bueno.


On the 1st and the 14th of every month, I sit down and create content for 2 weeks. This way I have 2 weeks of content prepared. Not only that, but I schedule it! You can use scheduling tools such as or or I also use the Facebook scheduling tool, ok?

I have saved myself HOURS. Now, I have more time to engage ( which I always take the time to do manually ) and focus on completing other projects. Time batching is all about freeing up time and being as productive as possible!

  • EMAIL CAMPAIGNS: I love a good email campaign, but again, they are quite time consuming. Not only do I have to create and send campaigns for my own business, but I also do it for my clients.


The same way that I time batch my social media marketing! I plan out my campaigns ( and my client campaigns ) in advance, and create campaigns on the 2nd & the 15th of each month. Sometimes I will do it on my social media day, but it depends. The point is that I dedicate a few hours on those 2 days each month to develop the campaigns, upload the campaigns and schedule them to go out!

I use Mailchimp and design my campaigns in Photoshop. The best part about Mailchimp ( and many other CRM systems ) is that you can upload and schedule.

  • CLIENT WORK: Client work is my priority. I have ongoing projects and tasks that must be completed and produce results. My days are filled with client work, but with the amount of work, it is easy to lose track of time.


10 am - 7 pm is client work Monday - Friday. This is my career, ok? Somedays it is 6 am - 5 pm, and other days it is 4 am - 3 pm. .The point is, I time batch the repetitive tasks mentioned above, so that I can focus on completing my clients’ projects, engagement and other tasks during that time.

I also use my Monday - Friday time to lead generation for my marketing agency. So, I try to use my mornings to complete my client work, and when I am done, I focus on lead generation for my brand. Not email marketing. Not scheduling more posts. But, creating new ideas, outreach, and all that good stuff, ok?

MORNINGS: Client work

AFTERNOONS: Lead generation

  • PODCASTS: So, not only do I have the SHE DID IT Podcast, but I also have a business podcast. I record weekly episodes for BOTH podcasts, and that is time consuming, you know?


This is how I time batch for the SHE DID IT Podcast. At the beginning of each month, I create the topics that I want to talk about on my podcasts. Sometimes I have last minute ideas, and that is wonderful, but I try to stick to a schedule. I also plan on who will be featured on my podcast at the beginning of the month.

Throughout the month, I reach out to people who I’d love to interview, and I plan from there! I create the questions and prepare in advance. If it is a solo episode, I record 2-3 at a time. I dedicate about 4 hours ONCE/month to my solo episodes on the SHE DID IT Podcasts. During those 4 hours, I record the episodes, edit them and schedule.

When it comes to recording with guests, my schedule is a bit different. I work around their schedule, however, I block out 3 hours, so that I can focus on recording, editing and scheduling. The idea is not to go from podcast, to conference call, to another post. What I like to do is complete the task and get it scheduled. This way it doesn’t sit on my to-do list, you know?

  • MEETINGS/CONFERENCE CALLS: Whether it is for my resource/brand,, for the SHE DID IT podcast or for my marketing agency, I always have conference calls on my calendar.

I don’t have the type of business where I can just pick 2 days out of the week where I have all of my calls. That doesn’t work for me. If it is a client, I believe in trying to find a time that works for them, and if it is a guest for the podcast the same rule applies.

However, I have a tip.


I have 3 days out of the week ( Monday, Wednesday + Friday ) & specific times where I like to schedule my calls. I try to schedule my weekly, bi-monthly or monthly calls on those dates and within those times.

If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, but to be honest, it has always worked for me! This way, I know in advance that I have openings on those dates/times for meetings. I’m prepared. I try to leave Tuesday’s/Thursday’s without appointments to focus on projects.


There are many ways that you can time batch, and this just happens to be what works for me! You can create a strict daily schedule OR you can create content in advance on certain dates, accept calls at certain times and plan out your days so that you free up more time as I do.

It really comes down to whatever works best for you! Having my content developed and scheduled in advance is a huge time saver. Knowing that my blogs are ready to be published each day is great. Scheduling meetings at specific times & incorporated dedicated time to work on client projects is amazing.

Find what works for you. Write it down and stick to it! It might take time to adjust at first, but trust me, that “I don’t have time” excuse will disappear.



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Sydney Nanberg