This post is inspired by a close friend of mine. She has some serious talent in life and wants to do something about it. We literally talk for like 2 hours everyday and she is always questioning her next step in life.

…but yet, she knows what she wants.

Confusing, right? & unbelievably relatable.

It frustrates me because this girl has such a powerful story! My friend has a passion for fitness, amazing style & has been challenged in life by some crazy health problems. She overcame it all and is STILL pushing forward and determined to turn her dream into a reality.

Ummmm… hello self care! This is so fucking difficult to do.


She wants to become a fitness guru with a touch of style to help build your confidence! Along those lines, you know? AND - she has such an inspirational story.

Guys, this was my college roommate. I SAW her first hand push through these tough times. It was unreal.

So, with that being said, this post is dedicated to her and anyone who wants to go after something in life, but is constantly questioning themselves.



Just stop.

Deep down, you know what you want, ok? I tell her this all the time. When we talk on the phone she can go on for HOURS about her passions and WHY she should do it.

  • Why she should move down to Miami ( she lives in New Jersey )

  • Why she should start a brand

  • Why people would listen to her

  • Why she is different than other bloggers



It’s almost as if she is trying to convince me… and like, she doesn’t need to convince me LOL I already know her potential. She is looking for validation to just do it.

…and I’m not just saying that as a friend…


Now, she IS in the process of doing it. It has taken a while, but she is FINALLY starting this journey.

Where’s the glass of wine? Can we cheers to this?

Going into business for yourself or going after what you really want in life is scary. Trust me, I get it. I moved to Miami all by myself at 20 years old. I took the risk. I started my own business at 21. I did it.

So, if you’re thinking, “easier said than done!” WRONG! I have been there.

My opinion is that you need to stop questioning yourself.

…and if you notice that you are constantly talking about it to your friends, family, people around you or even journaling about it, maybe it’s a sign.

  • A sign that you KNOW what you want.

  • What you need.

  • What’s good for you.

  • What your future holds.

  • Your potential.

You know. You are just looking for people to tell you, “YES! You are going to be so successful. YES! This is right for you.”


If you feel the need to look for that outside validation, then you already know.

That is my opinion on this situation and anyone questioning themselves.

When you question yourself…

…you are questioning a thought, feeling or idea. Something that you feel in your gut.

When you begin questioning, you begin overthinking.

  • That’s how you get scared.

  • That’s how you start talking yourself out of it and around it.

  • That’s how you delay plans.

  • That’s how nothing gets done.

  • That’s why you’re still unhappy.

If I’m being totally real…


Everyone has a different path in life. The only way that something is impossible is if you tell yourself it is, k?

I really dislike hearing “I can’t do this because ______.”

NO. You can’t do ______ because you are TELLING yourself that you cannot.

This comes down to fear. You are SCARED.

It’s ok to admit it.

You actually need to admit it before taking the next step.

Acknowledging, accepting and letting go is part of the process. It’s so important in order to move forward.

I talk a lot about “not thinking” in my blog posts. Coming from someone who doesn’t stop thinking… let me explain what I mean.

If you have an idea or something that you want to do in life, the more you think about it, the more you begin to question yourself. That prevents you from creating the life that you want.

You DO need to think about your PLAN OF ACTION, but if you are going to think about it, you need to think about it in a different light, ok?

  • Don’t question your gut feeling.

  • Don’t question your passion.

  • Don’t question your path.

Question HOW YOU ARE GOING TO GET IT DONE. Make sense?


The second we start thinking about what’s ahead, we get scared, right? All of these thoughts start running through our minds.

Ugh. Literally the worst feeling.

We talk ourselves out of it.

There isn’t an easy way to accomplish what we want, ya know?

I tell my friend this all the time. The truth is that she KNOWS what she wants.

She is looking for validation.

She is afraid of taking that next step. But she wants it.

We need to stop questioning ourselves and go for it.

Life is short.

My dad and I were talking the other day. I was having a rough day and I’ve faced a few deaths in the last year.

He said, “there are 2 things that everyone has in common. We are all born and we all die.”

That really resonated with me.

I’m alive right now. I’m living right now. My life is valuable. Life is so short. I’ve learned that over the last year.

Why would we waste a day of our life being scared?


It’s ok to be scared. It’s normal to be scared. I was scared. I get scared.

But, I have a passion. My friend has a passion.

If I were to have questioned myself, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Yes, I did question myself at times, and I do question myself, but I don’t allow it to stop me. I take action regardless.

To my friend ( I am not mentioning her name of course ), take action! You’ve got this. You have such a talent and passion and you inspire so many people around you!

If you don’t go after it now, you will regret it down the road.

Start now because you have a lot to learn and it’s better to learn earlier than later.

It doesn’t matter what point you are at in life, go for it. Don’t waste time. Don’t question yourself. Even if you are 2 years into your business. Even if you just made a big move. Even if you are facing a challenging time.

Roll with it.


If you are having one of those “moments,” where you are questioning yourself and what you want in life, I hope you found this valuable!

This is essentially the exact conversation that I have with my friends all the time, so I thought I’d share my insight with the world.

I’m off to make dinner! I’m on this health kick and am trying to control my portions ( so tough and not fun, but trying to make the best of it ).



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Sydney Nanberg