Ok, before you dive into this post, I want to give you a heads up that I am going to touch on the issue and then provide the solution, ok?

We are living in a world of INSTANT GRATIFICATION. In a world where personal connection is deflating. In a world where an app can give us what we want in 2 hours or less ( Amazon Prime Now - genius BTW ). In a world where we rely on outside gratification literally through a “like” or “follower” on social media.

…If you ask me, it is SO sad! …but many of us are guilty of living in this world and that’s the reality.

Everything can be ours at the touch of a button ( which is crazy might I add ). That comes with some awesome benefits. It also comes with a detrimental self doubt territory AND a sense of entitlement, you know what I mean?

I’m going to point out the problem, and then I am going to straight up tell you the solution. My solution. What has helped me in this crazy technological world.


The problem is that we literally see thousands of 20 something year olds on private jets, on yachts every weekend, buying the most expensive accessories and basically, livin’ it up. Seems so easy, right? That’s the problem.

People can put on social media WHATEVER the heck they want.


Good for them if they are doing this because that’s pretty sweet LOL …and guess what? I bet there are a LOT of people who actually live that life. No judgement here.

HOWEVER, did you know that a lot of people pose for photos with accessories and expensive THINGS and then return them?

Did you know that people literally rent jets, cars and yachts for the day just for photos?

More importantly, did you know that these people ( whether or not they actually live this incredible life of 1M+ followers have actually faced obstacles? )

The thing is that we are all human, ya know? The problem is that we share an almost unattainable life for the average person on a platform filled with people who are working their a** of trying to achieve what these people did at age 19.

You catching my drift?

Now, just because I’m saying this doesn’t mean I’m not guilty of getting caught up in the “likes,” the “followers,” and the “engagement.” I totally have.

Listen, I started and the SHE DID IT Podcast as a self-care and mindset resource. I take so much time to plan out my blogs, to engage with my followers and to understand/get to know them!

SO, when I see that a post didn’t perform well or that I’m not getting as many “likes” as I should, I start to feel bad.

The other day I did an awesome Instagram post about self-love on Valentine’s Day. I didn’t get THAT many “likes.” I mean… what is that about?! It was a great post. I THOUGHT it was a great post.

THEN, I feel bad. THEN, I doubt what I’m doing. THEN, I start thinking well do my followers even enjoy my content? THEN, I think well what if I don’t understand them? THEN, I start to panic, ok? #nogood

This little strategy doesn’t work for business and it doesn’t work for a happy life.

Life isn’t about followers. Life isn’t about likes. Life isn’t about your engagement rate.

To me, life is about finding what makes YOU truly happy to the point where outside validation doesn’t matter much.


NOW, as a business owner, it IS frustrating ( if I’m keepin’ it real ) to put a lot of time into a project, a workshop, a new service or even a post and not seeing the results you desired.

It sucks. Not the best feeling, ya know?

BUT, you’re setting yourself up for failure by assuming that EVERY project, workshop, new service or EVERY piece of content you put out there is going to be an automatic hit.

You’re also setting yourself up for failure by literally assuming that it was a failure. We will talk more about that soon, k?

Even some of the most successful business owners, bloggers and people in general face these obstacles!




I want to share with you my top 7 tips to set you up for success in business and life. I’ve never shared this with anyone.

These are tips that I live by and that I read every single morning. They brings me back down to earth, help me put what I want in perspective and actually reach my goals.

This is who I am at the core.


First of all, I don’t believe in failure. It’s just not a thing in my life.

A failure is ONLY a failure if you give up after something goes wrong, got it? A failure is actually a lesson. A failure just means that something didn’t work, and it is YOUR job to find out WHY so that you can IMPROVE. Without that failure, how will you know where to improve?

Imagine just giving up after a failure? Do you think Bill Gates gave up after a failure? Jeff Bezos? I don’t think so. Keep plugging along. A failure is a learning curve. That is all.


I don’t believe in the word unrealistic.

What does that even mean? I get it. If something seems SO unattainable it is labeled “unrealistic.” The thing is that if you can think it, you can do it. Call me a dreamer, but if you put in the work, create a solid plan and take action, you’ll get there. Trust me, it’s been done. It’ll be done again.


Analytics are key.

When something goes wrong or doesn’t perform “as planned,” GOOD. That’s when you learn.

Pay attention to performance rates and determine WHY something didn’t perform well rather than allowing yourself to feel like a failure. You aren’t.

You’re just in the learning phase ( which won’t stop BTW ). I do a weekly analytics report for my business. I sit down, analyze what I did. My successes. My learning curves and brainstorm new and fresh ideas. This is the best way to grow. Focus on BOTH ends of the spectrum.


If you aren’t communicating with your audience or ideal demographic, you are losing.

Reach out. Ask them what they like. Ask them what they would like to learn about. Ask them about themselves. Build relationships and friendships. Invest the TIME. You’ll regret it if you don’t.


What you allow and accept is what you will receive.

If you allow yourself to receive poor treatment from a friend, then that is what you will receive. If you allow yourself to slack off and not put in the extra work, then you will see that in the results of whatever it is you are working on.

If you accept that $30K/year at the job that you hate just because “it’s work and what you have to do,” then that is the life that you will live.

It’s really up to you. I’d suggest increasing your standards, but that’s just me.


You are who you believe you are.

A lot of this stems from childhood and things that people say to us ( teachers, parents, peers, etc… ). Believe IN YOU. Believe in the person who you KNOW you are. It takes a lot of hard work, but you CAN be that person that is killing it in life. It just comes down to how you choose to look at YOU.


Put what you want and your goals on paper.

If you have an amazing idea ( or even just incorporating a morning routine into your life ) and you don’t a clue as to HOW it will happen, you are setting yourself up for failure. Set yourself up for success by putting down on paper what you want and then break it down into attainable goals.



What this really comes down to is perspective, guys. If you want to set yourself up for success, take the necessary action. Put the necessary steps in place. Believe in yourself and your capabilities. Just do it.

Nike has had it right all this time! Literally just do it.

If you continue comparing yourself to others, waiting on validation from outside sources and listening to what other people tell you, then you will CONTINUE to set yourself up for failure.

Once you start to believe in yourself, adjust your mentality and taking action little by little each day, you’ll see your life transform. What has really helped me in sticking to this mentality is practice. Simple as that. Practice makes perfect.

I’m not telling you that everyday is perfect. I’m not telling you that when I’ve had projects fail that I’ve just felt wonderful. I’ve CHOSEN to work at these skills on a daily basis so that I can improve.

These tips are game changers for me and if you refuse to give up and you are willing to put in the effort, you’ll thank yourself later.

On that note, I’m off to exfoliate, to do some meditation and fall asleep. I’m going to Chicago this week to spend time with my Dad and I cannot wait!



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Sydney Nanberg