I’m not a doctor, but I feel like I have my degree in anxiety because I’ve dealt with it my entire life, ok? What I am about to share with you are ONLY things that have personally worked for me, and I hope that you find it valuable!



This community, this brand, the SHE DID IT Podcast and this blog is filled with everything that I needed back in the day when I was in the midst of severe anxiety, depression and bullying.

Guys, I still face anxiety today, I still have a ton of stress ( it’s life ), I am a business owner & sometimes things go wrong, but it is all about finding ways to cope naturally ( in my opinion ) and that is what I want to share with you!

SO, from waking up in the middle of the night with severe panic attacks where I can’t breathe, to shortness of breath and heart palpitations in client meetings, to afraid to leave the house, I’ve been through some tough times.

When I was growing up in school, I was THAT KID that went to the nurse’s office on the daily.

Anyone else?


Afraid I’d be called on in class, afraid I’d be picked on or laughed at. Not everyone reading this may have the same issues, but at the end of the day, anxiety is anxiety & if you are facing it, I’ve found a few helpful remedies that you might find useful!

You don’t have to suffer from severe anxiety to find these remedies helpful. We all get a little bit anxious from time to time.

I’m all about preventative measures & I’m going to give it to ya with a twist!



Man… when those panic attacks come on they are BRUTAL and draining. I need that quick relief, you know? There are A LOT of recommendations out there, and instead of going right to Xanax and toxic medications, here are a few that have personally worked for me.

( …and if you truly need them, don’t worry, I don’t judge and totally understand )



A friend told me about this last year. It’s actually one of the ingredients in my FAVORITE sleep gummies ( by the well-known brand, Olly Nutrition. Amazing, not sponsored & knocks me out ). So, I technically take it every night. L-Theanine totally calms my nerves and I have found it to actually be helpful!


My mom discovered this one actually and sent it to me to try! You start by taking it once/day. After a month or so you’ll take one in the morning and one at night. Here’s the deal: 5-HTP is meant to help you maintain proper serotonin levels. I’ve noticed that I sleep better, I have more energy ( kind of a weird combo, but I’ll take it ), and it totally boosts my mood. Very subtle, but worth a try!


You may have heard of this natural remedy by now because I seriously feel like it’s a trending plant. It has a lot of health benefits, and if you listened to my SHE DID IT Podcast, with my close friend and holistic expert, Lexi Nazzaro, we discussed it’s benefits. It helps your body to adapt to emotional and physical stressors, which helps to lower your cortisol levels and reduce anxiety.



Like I said, there is A LOT of information out there about different holistic remedies. As I started writing this, I figured I’d share with you what works for me, but then I realized, why not share a few things that just didn’t work.

Now, that doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you, but this is just my experience.


Again, a friend told me about this vitamin and she suffers from anxiety. It works AMAZING for her and she takes it every day. “GABA is a neurotransmitter that blocks impulses between nerve cells in the brain.” - WebMD

When you have low levels of GABA, you may have increased anxiety. Some holistic doctors believe that taking GABA supplements can help to reduce that anxiety.

I tried it of course. I have to tell you that I didn’t notice much of a difference. Then again, maybe I didn’t take it for long enough and maybe my anxiety is too severe for something this subtle.



After a lot of trial and error, I have found a few tactics that truly help my anxiety that have nothing to do with vitamins or supplements. These are remedies that I incorporate into my daily routine and have made a huge impact!



This is SO overlooked, guys. Your morning routine actually begins at night. Think about it. If you go to bed stressed and anxious, how do you think that will affect your morning? Again, it’s all about preventative measures in my life.

I have a very specific nighttime routine to make sure that I am at ease when I fall asleep. Since I’ve started incorporating a nighttime routine, my anxiety has decreased. When I wake up the next day, I just feel more rested, more energized and less stressed. I believe it’s because I took the time to take care of my mind, body and soul, which helped improve my sleep!

My morning routine is another HUGE aspect of my natural remedy for anxiety. I did an entire blog post on this and I highly suggest you check it out. Find a routine that works for you in the morning. The idea is to take time to take care of yourself before you begin your day!

When you take care of YOU, you can take care of others and handle situations better, got it?


( this is just what I personally do & you can totally get creative )

  • I set an alarm for when I want my nighttime routine to begin. Sometimes it starts later or earlier than others, but this way I don’t forget. NO EXCUSES.

  • Write down your nighttime routine. Make it as long or as short as you’d like, but I like to do a daily checklist. No reason why, I just like it, ok?

  • When I begin my nighttime routine, I set the mood. Setting the mood helps get my mind off of any anxiety or stress. The anxiety is still there, but it takes me out of my element. For me, setting the mood means, lighting candles, turning on my himalayan salt lamp, getting my essential oils going, and putting on some relaxing music.



There are many forms of meditation. I love using the app, Headspace, but I also find journaling an amazing form of meditation. I start off each day by writing 3 pages in my journal and I end my day by writing 3 pages in my journal. Anything that comes to mind is put in that journal. It clears my head and I often have many realizations about my day, life and even gain a few new ideas.


( this is just what I personally do & you can totally get creative )

I talk about this twist a lot, and to be honest, you’ll find that my “twists” for self-care are often similar because I am all about zen and setting the mood. In my opinion and experience, your environment can strongly dictate your mood. That is why I am all about zen because it shifts my focus and emotions.

This might sound similar to what I mentioned above, but this is my twist for my meditation routine:

  • I set the mood by either changing my environment ( maybe I go out to the beach, maybe I switch rooms, maybe I sit in my car, maybe I shut the shades & light some candles )

  • I personally enjoy meditating at home in bed & in comfy clothes. So, with that being said, I get in comfy clothes, turn on my himalayan salt lamp ( or nightlight if I’m traveling ), get the sound of the rain going and make my bedroom feel like a spa.

  • I take 5-10 minutes in the morning AND 5-10 minutes at night. That’s my secret to making meditation most effective.



…I talk about exercise a lot, but I don’t mean exercise! I mean just walking. I start every single morning by walking for an hour. You don’t need to go crazy like me, but even 10 minutes with the fresh air and movement helps shape my day. When I start off my day with movement, my anxiety is significantly reduced.

There are days that I’ll get anxious at 3 pm, and I put on my gym shoes and walk. If you don’t work from home, sometimes standing up and changing the environment helps! Get those steps in!


( this is just what I personally do & you can totally get creative )


  • I take out my workout clothes the night before so that when I wake up I don’t have to think about what to wear. I jump out of bed, put them on and always keep my gym shoes next to my desk! Even if you can’t walk in the morning, keeping workout clothes or comfy walking apparel out and ready just makes it easier!


  • Make it fun! I actually started counting my steps! You can do it on your phone, an Apple Watch or you can buy a Fitbit or just a plain pedometer on Amazon. 10,000 steps per day is my goal and it makes it fun, keeps you accountable and actually mindful of your activity!



I did an entire post on my favorite essential oils for stress, anxiety and mood boosters, but I just want to tell you that I wasn’t into essential oils until a couple years ago. I always believed in natural remedies, but I was skeptical and never even thought to try them.

Pedro ( my boyfriend ), bought an aromatherapy diffuser and oils for me to try one day. I never touched it and it literally sat there for a good week because I needed something “stronger.”

Long story short, I came home from a client meeting mid day ( Pedro works from home also ), I went to go back to work and started to feel beyond sleepy. I lost all focus and felt like it was 2 am.

Take a wild guess at what happened.


Pedro put Lavender in the aromatherapy diffuser and had it running where I wouldn’t see it. That is how my essential oil obsession began.


( this is just what I personally do & you can totally get creative )

  • I have my go-to essential oils that I use almost EVERY SINGLE DAY, but I’m always playing around with different concoctions and trying new ones. You must check out my post on essential oils here ——> Hi, read me!

Below you will see how I use a few of my favorite oils, but I also want to mention that I keep them by my bedside, in my purse and travel with them! I buy mini bottles to make it easy.


I have this running in the diffuser throughout the day. I’m all about that zen life and love to feel like I am living in a spa. I keep it next to my desk with my himalayan salt lamp and I just feel more relaxed.

Whenever my eucalyptus oil is on in the aromatherapy diffuser, I play the sound of the rain in the background ( very quietly ) to really give me that spa moment. The mixture of the himalayan salt lamp, eucalyptus and peaceful sounds simply relax me.

This is one of my FAVORITE preventative measures because it is a constant in my daily life and when I don’t do this, I definitely feel a bit more tense.


Ok, if you aren’t convinced by my experience, then try it for yourself. After a long day, using some lavender oil at night can be beyond soothing. If you don’t have an aromatherapy diffuser, don’t worry.

  • You can put a few drops on your wrists, behind your ears and I personally like to put a dot under my nose. Just the scent helps put me at ease.

  • When I have lavender oil running, I like to meditate. I use the app, Headspace and I meditate for 5-10 minutes. I close the shades, make the room dark, put on spa sounds ( I use the app, Relax YogaMusic for this one ) and I take a few minutes to breathe.

  • If meditation isn’t your thing, try journaling a few pages and get your thoughts out. This is one of my favorite ways to reduce anxiety!



I get anxious when I get overwhelmed, you know? Makes sense. So, whether it’s work, homework, or any other errands you have, PREPARE IN ADVANCE. It’s that simple.


( this is just what I personally do & you can totally get creative )

  • Keep a to-do list and stay organized.

  • Calendars are life savers. Never forget due dates, meetings or commitments!

  • Time batch. Pick the 5 most important tasks on your to-do list that you need to get done that day and ONLY stick to those. You’ll find that you are more efficient. I like to circle my 5 priorities at the end of each day so that I can prepare for the next.

Staying organized, preparing what I need to do in advance and staying mindful of what’s coming my way helps to reduce my overall anxiety! I like to avoid those moments of panic.



Incorporating all of these little tricks together has helped to reduce my anxiety. It took me a long time to discover this system, which is crazy because it is SO simple.

I hope that you find these tips valuable and I can’t wait to hear if they work for you :) Anxiety sucks, but finding natural ways to prepare and cope can change your life.

On that note, I’m going to light some candles and get to bed!


Sydney <3

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Sydney Nanberg