Do you think that money equals happiness?

I have a valuable lesson to share with you.

If you have found yourself getting caught up in the dollar sign, but are finding that you aren’t as happy as you’d like to be, then you’ll love this story.



We see these “entrepreneurs” on social media living this lavish lifestyle and I truly believe it causes us to think that they are happy, you know? I believe that it causes us to actually think that the cars, private jets and mansions are what make us happy, when in reality they don’t.

You could be sitting in your Ferrari, depressed, anxious and have a shit ton of money. BUT, if you aren’t happy, then what was it all for?



People confuse internal happiness with external success.


That’s a bad habit and mindset that needs to be eliminated ASAP.

Have you ever worked so hard, saved up money and purchased something that you thought would make you SO happy?

Now, I want you to think…

  1. How long did it take for that happiness to slowly disappear?

  2. How long did it take for you to move on to the NEXT thing that you wanted?

That’s why money doesn’t equal happiness.



When you are internally happy, the money is great because it helps you to get to the next level, but it doesn’t DEFINE happiness. You are simply happy because of the personal development work that you’ve done and other factors.

So, let me give you some insight and share a little story with you about a lesson that I learned about happiness.


5 years ago, I started a marketing agency in Miami Beach. I am still the proud owner of the marketing agency today and I turned it into a success without a degree.

I was so proud. I was and am constantly educating myself, persevering and making it happen, right? I thought that having a six figure marketing firm was a huge accomplishment. I mean, it’s definitely something to be proud of, but I thought that by achieving that at a young age was going to create happiness.

I thought that by being able to fully support myself and have a bit of financial freedom would create this life of fulfillment.

So, here I am now with this six figure marketing agency, I live on the beach, I get to travel, I have a car that I love and I’m sitting here suffering from panic attacks. My entire life is my company. I love to work, I am grateful for my clients, but my stress comes from making more money and the fear of loss.

I have worked so many hours just to make money and when I look back, I was a stress case. Over money. Yes, I have my car, the ability to travel first class to Europe a few times per year and other materialistic things, but I used to have more miserable days than happy days if that tells you anything.

When I started the SHE DID IT podcast and blog, I began to receive messages from people thanking me for the content that I was sharing. It felt amazing and reminded me of a lesson that was drilled into my brain from a young age.

Giving back.

This is something that I had forgotten about, which makes me so sad. I grew up always volunteering and trying to help others.

  • I used to volunteer and help kids and adults with special needs

  • I used to volunteer at a nursing home with Alzheimers patients

  • I volunteered to help other students in college find their place

  • I am constantly donating to those in need

  • My mom used to take me and my brother to volunteer from a young age

  • I donated a bunch of cell phones to women’s shelter

I could go on and on about all of the times that I volunteered and how looking back, I still get the chills because I feel so happy. Remembering those experiences fill my heart.

I got so caught up with money and having this extravagant life, that I forgot what true happiness felt like.


When I receive messages from people who are learning from me and gaining value that is helping them in their life, I get tears in my eyes. That one little message impacts my life more than a check.

Yes, money makes life easier and I’m grateful to have created a position where I can ALSO inspire others. But, money cannot provide long term happiness. Money can provide an instant burst of happiness, and often times it doesn’t last long.

When I think of those messages that I’ve received, or the times that I’ve volunteered and saw someone smile, that is when I am at my happiest point.

I have found ways to balance my work and I have learned as I have matured that money doesn’t equal happiness. I also give my clients my all because I want to see them succeed and I enjoy what I do. That’s part of the reason why I put so much time in and actually the main reason why I put so much time into my marketing agency now.


The second that I stopped focusing on money is the second that I started to feel happy again.

I started doing things that actually made me happy that didn’t involve anything materialistic.

To be completely honest, I think I got caught up in the fact that I was doing so well at such a young age. I was trying to prove myself because of all of those years that so many people doubted me. I’m sure I’m not alone with that. I’ve noticed that a lot of people spend time trying to prove to other people that they are valuable.

HERE’S THE DEAL: You are valuable. You have nothing to prove to anyone. Do things for you. Do things that fulfill you. When you do things that fulfill you and make you HAPPY, the money will come.

But, don’t forget, just because you have that expensive car, that first class plane ticket, that condo on the beach, doesn’t mean that you are internally happy.

In my opinion, if you want internal happiness, give back.

Give to those in need. Find love. Do things you love. Like they say, love conquers all and it is so true.

Those little moments that i have with Pedro where we are just watching movies make me so happy.

  • Those little moments where I’m playing Monopoly with my family makes me so happy.

  • Those little moments where I’m helping people for FREE makes me so happy.

That is why I always ask for your feedback. Because knowing that I’m making a difference, is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding feelings imaginable.


I hope that you found this lesson valuable. If you are unhappy, try shifting your focus. Money is important. Don’t get me wrong. Money allows us to do things in life that we want! But, don’t rely on money to bring you happiness because it won’t.

What is one change that can you make in your life to achieve happiness?

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