Anxiety is actually the worst. It’s debilitating and I personally suffer from daily panic attacks. OUT OF NO WHERE. Sometimes they happen for a reason - maybe I’ve had a stressful day or I’m upset, but other times, those panic attacks smack me in the face and don’t give a f*ck.


This is something that I have suffered from for as long as I can remember, and dealing with it has always been a struggle. I used to have to take anxiety medication just to go to school growing up.

I’m a big believer ( as you may know by now ) in natural remedies and solutions for our problems that do not include chemicals or harmful substances entering our bodies. So, having been on medication for half of my life for anxiety just frustrates me and let me tell you why.

Let’s be real - in today’s world, we are so quick to jump to medication to solve our problems. BUT, medication is a temporary solution and doesn’t help you to gain insight on the root of the issue. Think of it as a bandaid. When you get to the root of the issue, you can begin to work through that and overcome obstacles.


In my situation, doctors prescribed medication and I never really got to the root. BUT, there is nothing worse than dwelling on the past. Now that I am an adult, I have the power to find ways to understand how to deal with my anxiety, as well as sharing my knowledge with others!

Getting anxious is part of life. It is very common and totally normal. If anyone has ever tried to put you on medication or make you feel as if something is wrong with you because of your anxiety, relax. We all have it!

( I do, however understand that there are different levels of anxiety and mental illness )

The solution all comes down to HOW you choose to react to your anxiety and the choices you make.



Like I said, sometimes these panic attacks just come out of no where. I’ll be having a great day, and BOOM, I feel like my throat is closing and I panic. Maybe I’m having an allergic reaction? Maybe my tonsils are too big? Maybe I’m dying? Who knows, but that’s actually what goes through my head. It’s scary because it feels so real!


#1: Think about the times in which you feel most anxious or are in the heat of a panic attack. Write down a list of things that set you off. Maybe uncomfortable situations, social settings, public speaking, stress, etc… Get it on paper so that you can see it.

#2: Underneath each trigger, write down WHY that triggers you. If you are unsure, give it some thought.

The idea is to understand where the anxiety and panic attacks stem from. Not just the root of the problem, but the why. Once you can understand the why, you can understand how to treat those situations/events so that you can reduce the anxiety.

Part of having preventative measures in place is so that you can literally understand what you are dealing with, and prepare yourself for what is causing the anxiety.




After you figure out what the actual underlying issue is and where your anxiety comes from, you need to have a plan in place to face that anxiety.

This is actually the toughest part …obviously.

When it comes to battling anxiety, you seriously need to know what to do in the situation, whether it helps or not ( because I know the struggle when a panic attack comes on, it’s like nothing helps ), but the truth is that something can. You just need to be aware of the trigger, why it’s a trigger and then when it comes on…


#1: Write down a list of things that make you happy and calm your mind.

That’s actually it. It’s all about being prepared.


A few of my favorite things…

  • Smelling essential oils ( specifically lavender )

  • Lighting candles and taking deep breaths

  • Mediating through the app Headspace

  • Getting in a warm shower ( more like scorching hot, with the lights dimmed )

  • Listening to music from the app PeacefulSounds

  • Hugging my boyfriend ( or a pillow )

  • Drinking warm water or tea

  • Going for a walk

  • Watch funny YouTube videos

  • I like to watch make-up tutorials

Write down a list. Put it in your phone. Put it on your computer. Put it in a journal. Put it in your car. Put it EVERYWHERE. This way you can refer to it whenever you are in an emergency situation and the anxiety kicks in.


Try these amazing alternatives

  • OLLY Goodbye Stress Gummies

( yes, I know they are for stress, and I know they sound like a gimmick, but I’m hooked )

  • 5-HTP

I’ve been taking this for about a year now. I take 2 capsules every day. It’s purpose is to act as a precursor to serotonin.

…and we all know serotonin can enhance your mood and happiness levels!

  • CBD Oils

I have to be honest here. I’ve tried these chocolate hearts that had CBD in it, and I don’t know how I feel about it personally. However, there are so many people out there who face severe anxiety and are OBSESSED with CBD products. They have been a MAJOR resource for those with anxiety. Something to potentially look into.

Don’t worry, CBD doesn’t have marijuana in it ( marijuana gives me severe panic attacks actually ) #funfact



This list that you create is full of what to do once you feel a panic attack or anxiety coming on, but something else that I highly suggest is to consistently indulge in self-care. Maybe that’s reading your favorite book every night, going for the occasional massage, getting that facial, putting on a face mask and exfoliating, taking a bubble bath.

These are literally just things that you should be doing. Not just for anxiety, but for yourself. One thing that I’ve learned is that when I’ve made self-care a priority, my stress and anxiety levels are reduced. That’s a tip in itself.




We are the masters of our own minds. We need to be able to rely on ourselves when anxiety comes on, you know? No one else is going to make our anxiety better, only us. We need to be our own best friend.

#1: Create a mantra or two or three.

#2: When you feel the anxiety coming on or are in the heat of the anxiety, repeat that mantra.

When I am in panic mode and I feel like my throat is closing, I repeat to myself “I’m ok, I will be ok, this has happened before, and I was ok.”

If you suffer from anxiety, you know the drill. It’s the same old thing! Remind yourself of that, and it too shall pass.


Sydney <3

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Sydney Nanberg