Is it just me or are we living in a society where everyone is SO fucking busy that they have zero time to do anything? LOL

I was just having this conversation with a friend and we were talking about how we know what we have to do, but it never gets done!

It’s like we are constantly pushing it off and would rather go grab a glass of red wine or happy hour than do what’s making us money…


There are days where I have so much to do it feels like nothing is getting done, you know?

Ever have that?

And on those days, I honestly feel less productive.

So, I’ve realized that in order to be super productive, I need to learn how to prioritize. Make sense?


It’s called…


I wrote an entire blog post about how to time batch, but I want to get more specific in this post and share with you how I personally prioritize my schedule.

There is a method that I use to help me improve my efficiency and therefore, more productivity levels!

I’m all about it. I like to get shit done and not screw around. That is literally the worst feeling!

I’m sitting at home one day ( on a non-productive day ) and wondering what I’m doing wrong, you know?

PICTURE IT: I’m in bed. I have my computer in front of me. I’m wearing comfy clothes. I have my dark chocolate chips on my nightstand and I have all of the resources in the world.

Pedro is in the other room working non-stop, in and out of meetings, being productive and all.

…and there I am… in bed watching makeup tutorials on YouTube because I’m CHOOSING NOT to do what needs to get done.


So, I DECIDED to push myself to do some good old research. That’s when I came across time batching, but more specifically, a method that I now use every single day.

I don’t have a name for this method…

…but I’m going to tell you what I learned.

So, I’ve always had a massive to do list, right? I have a notebook and I write checklists of everything that needs to get done.

If you looked at that list you’d probably faint. It has HUNDREDS of things to do. Hence, my to do list…

I always thought that just by writing it down it would force me to be more productive. That’s valid, right?

Yet, I wake up, look at the list, do my morning routine and am always unsure of what to do next.

Let’s get into the details because that’s what really matters.

Basically, this method is simple.

You have your to do list, k?

  2. Write down every task that needs to get done

  3. Then break down that list

HOT TIP: I like to do this in the evening. I’ve made my to do list and calendar part of my nighttime routine because then I wake up ready to conquer life.

Well, in my mind I like to think that I am conquering life.


So, when I was researching, every article basically said:

“Write out everything that you have to do in your to do list and then break it up by priority.”

In other words, choose 5-8 tasks per day that you WILL and MUST accomplish.

Not only will you no longer have to look at that dreaded list of 100+ tasks on the daily, but minimizing the amount of tasks that you have to get done makes it less overwhelming.

I think that we often become less productive BECAUSE we feel like we have so much to do that we are OVERWHELMED.

For me, it came down to feeling overwhelmed, and when we are overwhelmed… we would rather go have a glass of red wine, chill and watch makeup tutorials on YouTube. Huge James Charles fan BTW.

Moving on…

This method prevents me from feeling overwhelmed and it actually makes accomplishing these tasks ATTAINABLE.

Like life changing kind of attainable.


There is no better feeling than checking a task off your list.

Anyhow, you take the most important 5-8 tasks out of your to do list and you move them over to ONE document, piece of paper or however you do it.

You work on each task one by one.

HOT TIP: Prioritize those 5-8 tasks by which is MOST important for the day to LEAST important for the day.




Work on ONE task at a time and DO NOT move on to the next task until the first task is complete.

If you do not finish all 5-8 tasks that day, move it over to the next day.

It’s that simple, k?

To recap for you…

You narrow down your to do list by what is ACTUALLY important for THAT DAY.


Try this for a week and you will notice that you will have a MUCH more productive week than you would have before.

Yes, 5-8 tasks does not seem like a lot, but on those unproductive days, what are you really getting done?

The point is to avoid feeling overwhelmed by putting together an attainable list to complete in a day, ok?

Make sense?


Go ahead and grab that journal, document or however you create your to do lists and start narrowing down for tomorrow.

I want to hear how it goes for you, so shoot me an email or DM!



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Sydney Nanberg