Here we go again… I’m going to talk about more “taboo” topics.


Please read the ENTIRE ( not too long ) post before making any judgements.

This literally goes against everything that I believe in. I mean if you are going to get a sugar daddy, you should probably have sex with them, right?

LADIES ( and some gentlemen )

I’ve never had a sugar daddy. I never plan on having a sugar daddy. I’m not into sugar daddy’s.

I have zero judgement of people who want to have a sugar daddy.

Totally ok and I find the entire thing to be quite interesting if we are being honest.

Like we can literally get on an app and find one in less than 10 minutes. Super easy and kind of intriguing if you know what I mean.

Before we dive on in to this “taboo” topic, I want to share what this post is REALLY about.


It’s about discovering your INNER happiness without relying on external factors like money.



So, I have a couple of friends who have had sugar daddy’s.

It’s so interesting to me. The entire concept. Neither of them had to have sex with these men. All the men wanted was someone to talk to.

They’d talk to them. Text them. Talk on the phone.

( …this is just what they told me… )

Then, my friends would text them something along the lines of, “Hey, I’m at the mall!”

The sugar daddy would then say something along the lines of, “I sent you a gift, check your account ;)”

Hello $5,000.

Can you say shopping spree?!

Easy money.

Everyone wins, right?



The same concept applies to women ( or men ) who only date rich men ( or women ).

I’m writing this because there are so many women ( and men ) out there who are unhappy in these types of relationships!

That is really the purpose of this post.

Because while money is amazing, at the end of the day, it doesn’t fill the void.

There are so many women ( and men )…

  1. Who are depressed in life.

  2. Unhappy in their relationships.

  3. Who have sugar daddy’s and are miserable.

I’m not here to judge anyone about their decisions to enter these relationships. This is just my personal opinion.

I am grateful to be in an amazing relationship where my boyfriend wants to take care of me.

However, I also want to take care of myself. I’ve never asked him for anything. That’s just how I roll.

TBH though… I do ask him to buy me chocolate every so often. Is that a crime?

Pedro and I talk about this all the time. I gotta do me, k? He is so generous, but I want to be generous also!

I want to feel fulfilled.

…and don’t get me wrong, you can have someone fully support you and feel fulfilled at the same time, ok?

As long as you have SOMETHING in your life for YOU. As long as you are doing SOMETHING for YOU!

That’s what this is about!!!


So, while you may have thought this post was about sugar daddy’s, my opinion on them or my judgements, it’s not at all… it’s about how to find HAPPINESS within yourself WITHOUT the external factors.

( even though having the external factors are totally ok as long as you are happy )



I personally love to work.

I’m obsessed. I want to impact the lives of others. I have so many dreams and goals. So much passion. I WANT to work my ass off and show my future kids that I’m a boss ass bitch with a successful career. I want my kids to see how fucking cool I am.

I NEVER want to have to “ask” someone for money or if I can do something.

**Again, if this is you, then that’s ok! This is just me.

I am totally fortunate to be in a position where I can just let Pedro take care of me, but I’m not about it.

If I want to do something, I’m going to do it. Period.

I’d be so bored not working.

  • I’d feel so unproductive.

  • I’d feel unfulfilled.

I just personally feel that there is nothing more rewarding than the journey of life! That’s why I’d feel that way. I’m also obsessed with the “game of business.”

…before I go any further… I’m not telling anyone out here that you NEED to take my path and get to work.

Moving on:

  1. Is it easier to stay home and not work?

  2. Is it easier to let someone else pay the bills?

  3. Is it easier to use someone else’s credit card?


…and again, no judgements if this is your path.

What I am trying to get across to you is that money should never determine your happiness.

It should never dictate your life.

External factors do not lead to happiness.



…and if you are in a position where money isn’t an issue and you find yourself unhappy, I encourage you to do something for YOU.

Create something of your own. Find a purpose to fill that void you might have.

Again, it doesn’t have to be business related! I’m just trying to connect the dots, ya know?

One of the reasons why I am writing this because people are so judgmental!

I have family and friends who don’t understand why I’m still working if I’m in a long term relationship. They don’t understand that I want a long term career. They don’t understand that I WANT to be generous in my relationship even if I don’t have to be!

And that is 100% ok. They are entitled to their opinion.



When I sign a new client, I feel like a million bucks.

When I write a new blog post or record a new podcast that helped someone, I feel like I just conquered the world.

Even if I’m not making a single penny from it…

It’s that feeling of joy that I am after.

Knowing that I’ve just accomplished something that I set out to do.

Having the ability to make a difference in someone’s life!

How cool is that?!

I will NEVER be that woman who relies on a man for money.

I will ALWAYS be that woman who relies on herself no matter what position I am in.

It’s because of how it makes me FEEL.

  • It’s empowering.

  • It’s rewarding.

  • It’s fulfilling.

I feel like I have a purpose.

Even if it’s simply for charity.

Don’t get me wrong… I WANT Pedro to buy me chocolate LOL I expect chocolate. Dark chocolate. Preferably Lily’s Dark Chocolate chips because they have less sugar, ya know?

Is that too much to ask for?


This post is for anyone out there who is unhappy in their life or a relationship. Who is relying on someone else for SOMETHING that they don’t have. This doesn’t JUST have to do with money.

Money isn’t a bad thing.

We shouldn’t fear money. We shouldn’t allow money to decide our future. We should embrace money. It allows us more freedom. Freedom to do things we love and enjoy. I’m all for it.

But money isn’t the end all be all. That’s the point.

Money is an external factor and it will not lead to long term happiness.

Filling that void with something that makes you internally happy WILL.

Your life is what you make it.

You can accept it as it is or do something about it.

If you are happy in life and in your relationship, then this post probably isn’t for you, but it might be good for a friend who is struggling, you know? Pass it on!

Understanding that we have full control over our lives is a powerful realization.


If you want a sugar daddy, the least you can do is sleep with them. ONLY KIDDING.

  1. I’m not here to judge you.

  2. I’m not here to tell you what to do.

  3. I’m not here to tell you who you should be in a relationship with and who you should not be in a relationship with.

  4. I’m not here to tell you to start working.

  5. I’m not here to tell you it’s bad to be a stay at home mom.

  6. I’m not here to tell you it’s horrible to rely on someone else for money or anything in life.

I’m just here to share another perspective on life with you.

Why people who go into relationships for money often feel unfulfilled and a solution to this madness!

After speaking with my friends who ARE in this position, it inspired me to write a post about it!

I can’t stand to see people I care about unhappy and I noticed a pattern. I’m not an expert, but I do have an opinion and here it is…



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