I sometimes feel like deep down we already know what we want and what is right. Taking action is the scariest part.

Do you ever get that feeling where you literally FEEL like you should do something? Or that feeling where you literally FEEL like maybe it’s not such a good idea?

That’s called your intuition and we tend to ignore it & make decisions based on what our head wants, right?


It can be super difficult to follow your intuition or “gut feeling.”

WHY? I’m so glad you asked LOL

Because following your gut feeling might mean making more difficult decisions! What I find interesting is that our gut feeling usually leads us in the right direction EVEN if it is difficult at first.

When I was a sophomore in college, I felt lost. Like I wasn’t in the right place. I felt like I didn’t care to be in school ( if we are being totally honest ). It just didn’t feel like my path.

BUT - in my head, EVERYONE was in school and that’s what I was supposed to do, ok? It made me question myself and my gut feeling.

Some of you might find this part interesting or helpful.


I sat down one day ( I’m big on journaling if you didn’t know ), and I asked myself:

“if I could do anything right now without any fear what would it be?”

I ALLOWED myself about 10 seconds to answer this question.

Why 10 seconds?

I’m glad you asked LOL

Because the more you think, the more you question what you want. Therefore, questioning your gut feeling.


My answer was… drop out of college & move to Miami Beach.


That’s it.

Scary, right?

  • All of my friends were in school.

  • All of my friends were going to parties.

  • All of my friends had a major.

  • All of my friends were going to have a degree.

…and there is me… just knowing that I want to drop out & move to Miami Beach.

***Before I get into what happened next, I want to share something that I found yesterday.

So, I ended up dropping out of college. This was 6 years ago. I dropped out at 19 years old. I’ll tell you what I did after I share this quick mini story.

Consider this a quick flash forward to today.


I’m home in Chicago visiting family and I go to the basement to reminisce and look through all of my old things.

Does anyone else love doing that?

Does anyone else have a space in the basement dedicated to their old shit because their parents decided to get rid of their bedroom?


Anyway, I’m in my basement yesterday going through these boxes, and I come across an entire box filled with journals and paper.

Obviously it sparked my interest, so I dumped that crap out and started reading.

These were my journals from college.

Where I would write down what I REALLY wanted in life. WHY I was confused. HOW I was going to make a change.

The craziest part is that I wanted to start a blog on self help & self care. How to help people live a fulfilling life.

…sound familiar?


It’s exactly what I’m doing now, but my journey of leaving college didn’t start with a blog and I totally forgot about this.

My journals had over 100 pages of step by step how I would create this blog. The name of it. My target audience. Topics to talk about. Long term strategy such as a book. How to find publishers. How to learn about the process.

Who TF is this 19 year old Sydney?

I even had a marketing plan…

Let’s rewind now back to when I wrote down at 19 years old, my sophomore year in college what I wanted.

I wanted to drop out of college & move to Miami Beach WITH A PLAN.


I must have journaled for days trying to understand myself and accept that it is OK to take a different path.

Long story short… I dropped out of school and moved to Miami Beach to do Real Estate. I actually did an entire podcast and blog post about why I dropped out of school if you want to read it, k?

The moral of the story is that my gut feeling to move to Miami and drop out was so strong. Making the decision was SO scary. But, deep down, no matter what thoughts went through my mind.

Whether it was…

  1. “…but my friends will have a degree and I wont.”

  2. “I won’t be able to get a job.”

  3. “Everyone finishes college.”

I still moved forward with my gut feeling because at the end of the day… I’m going to die. I talk about this in a few of my posts. It’s kind of a perspective thing.

The thought of death kind of jolts you and makes you realize like what do I ACTUALLY have to lose?

The reason that so many people struggle to follow their gut feeling is because of fear and uncertainty. It’s the unknown!

But then again, isn’t life itself unknown?

Think about it.


So, although I didn’t continue doing real estate, real estate lead me to opening a marketing firm, which lead me to FINALLY starting my self care blog, community & podcast.

Crazy, right?

When I was in school, I wrote every single day. I had a plan of action for this blog. I NEVER say “should have, would have or could have” because I don’t live my life with regret, but the idea of moving to Miami Beach and dropping out of school was scary enough.

Real Estate seemed a bit more secure and something that I could get a license in. At least I had some sort of PAPER.

What I really wanted deep down was what I am doing right now. In this moment.


If I didn’t take the risk and take action on my gut feeling, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Oh, and if you want to see what 19 year old Sydney was journaling about to compare then and now… here is a screenshot below:


This was something I really contemplated sharing because it’s so personal, but then I thought… why the fuck not?

If I hadn’t followed my gut feeling, I wouldn’t:

  • Have my blog right now

  • Have started my marketing agency because I wouldn’t have gone into real estate so early, which lead me to getting a job as the marketing director of a company…

  • Have met my boyfriend

  • Live on the beach

  • Live close to my family

…and so many more things! I believe in timing, but I also believe that if you follow your intuition, you’ll end up in the right place.

Sometimes it takes a few extra steps to get there.

Sometimes, we just need to take the leap.

I’m going to end this with how I started this post. You can take away from this whatever it is you’d like.

I sometimes feel like deep down we already know what we want and what is right. Taking action is the scariest part.



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