I have this friend. Let’s call her Jackie ( not mentioning her actual name ).

Jackie went to University of Arizona with me, but lives in Miami now as well. It was perfect. We met at school. Totally hit it off, right? I was super excited to have a friend when I made the big move.

It’s comforting, you know?

Jackie is 2 years older than me and graduated.

I was just 20 years old when I moved to Florida, and I moved without a college degree.


BTW - if you haven’t listened to my podcast or read my blog about WHY I dropped out of college, it’s a good one.

So, I’m living in Florida and Jackie and I are hanging out all the time. We were always going to happy hour, the beach, brunches, the usual. What friends do, right?

Well, I ended up meeting Jackie’s family. Super nice family. Down to earth ( or so I thought ).

They were those people who are nice to your face, but then talk shit about you behind your back.

You know what I’m talking about.


Apparently, Jackie’s mom didn’t want Jackie hanging out with me because I didn’t have a college degree. I was a bad influence. I was going to bring Jackie down. Those were HER words.

Now, I had a job the first day I moved down to Florida. I was in school for my Real Estate license, I was living on my own ( even though I had family down in Florida ) and I was making a life for myself.


Jackie, on the other hand, did not have a job, lived at home and was deciding whether she wanted to go back to school or not.

I’m not here to judge anyone or Jackie or her decisions. That’s on her. It’s her life and I believe that we all have to do what makes us happy, k?

One day, I went over to Jackie’s house for lunch and we were talking about Real Estate.

**Fast forward a couple of months to where I have my Real Estate license.



I had just begun my career in Real Estate and I was really motivated to work hard and succeed, k?

Anyway, I’m with Jackie, I’m so excited and Jackie told me that she wanted to talk to me about something because she was looking out for me…

She told me that I will most likely fail in Real Estate because I don’t have a college degree. A Real Estate license isn’t enough and I have zero credibility.

She was right about two things:

  1. I didn’t have a college degree

  2. That I have zero credibility

…I mean I was just beginning my career, you know?


But, she went out of her way to make sure that I knew that she would NEVER choose me as her Realtor because I didn’t have a college degree.

…and that most people won’t either.

Initially, I got super defensive. I mean, what the actual fuck?

I just studied my ass of in Real Estate school, am so proud that I got my license and I even had a job already at a Real Estate agency in Miami Beach!

I ended up leaving her house furious. Upset. Crying.

I felt like she was a horrible friend in that moment. I felt like I was going to be a failure. I felt like my life choices were kind of a mistake, you know?

So, after I left Jackie’s house I went over to my grandparents and told them what happened. They thought it was hilarious.

They put it in perspective for me.


There are so many people out there who take different paths in life.

A college degree does not determine how successful or unsuccessful you will be in life.

That is up to YOU.

Keep in mind that this is just one negative situation that I am sharing with you.

It comes down to HOW YOU HANDLE these types of situations, ok?

I could have listened to Jackie and found a different job. I could have gone back to school. I could have sat and cried about it for a week.

Or, I could go out there and kill it in the Real Estate world.

In my first few months of Real Estate ( without a college degree or credibility ), I built up my credibility by selling about $5,000,000 worth of Real Estate in Miami.

…and that doesn’t include the 5 condos that I listed.

If you are familiar with South Florida, my family lives in the Boca area. I don’t have ANY connections in Miami.

I worked harder than I could have ever imagined and made it happen for myself.

I turned what could have been a destructive negative mindset, into success.

Obviously, I ended up starting a marketing firm. I didn’t just “quit” Real Estate though. I ended up realizing that I ENJOYED the marketing aspect of Real Estate, but not the actual transactions.

My marketing agency started specifically for Real Estate agents! I would get them the leads and they paid me to do their marketing.

While a situation might be negative, it only affects your life if you CHOOSE to allow it!

We all have choices to make in life. We all can choose how we react.

If you are facing a negative situation, are in a negative relationship or are surrounded by negativity, remove yourself. Don’t take it personally. It’s toxic and I’m sharing how to remove that toxicity from your life.

Decide who you are, what you want for your life and how you are going to do it.

Not everyone will agree with you. Not everyone will support you.

…and that’s ok.

As long as YOU are making decisions that are right for YOU.

On that note, I hope you stand up for what you want in life, go after it and fucking kill it!

I’m off to go for a run.



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Sydney Nanberg