A question that I get asked a lot is: How can I be more productive with my day?

If you are an entrepreneur or even just looking to make moves in life, you’re going to love this.

Buckle up.

First things first, if you know me well, you know that I am obsessed with a good quote. If you don’t know me well, now you know ;)

It’s like that little boost of motivation. THE SPARK. I love a good spark.

I recorded two new episodes of the SHE DID IT podcast this week and it’s so funny because both guests brought up Walt Disney as their inspiration.

Let’s start with one of my favorite quotes:

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” - Walt Disney


I like a good straight forward quote.

Now, let’s talk productivity.

I don’t have all of the answers on how to unlock your inner Steve Jobs, however I’ll give you everything that works for me.

I really do love to share my insight with you guys as long as it provides value. I want to know that my tips are helpful to you!

I have a few super easy tips that literally anyone can start using LIKE TOMORROW.

…and man do they make a difference!

Because let’s face it guys, time is MONEY MONEY MONEY.

#1. A Planner Is A Good Place To Start


A lesson that I learned was to get a planner and color code that thing like never before. You can use Google Calendar, you can use the calendar on your phone or a physical calendar that you can write on.

I prefer a physical calendar that I can write on.

Grab a cute pen. Invest in a few highlighters and organize your life. Making it all cute and colorful also motivates me and gets me really excited!

What I like to do is write down my appointments and potential appointments.

So, appointments are highlighted in yellow, potential appointments are highlighted in orange, and completed appointments are highlighted in pink.

I’m not missing a single detail. I just don’t have time.

I look at this calendar in the morning, in the afternoon and I plan ahead before I get to sleep.

Tip: Do your calendar for the day the night before. That way you wake up a bit less stressed.

#2. My To-Do List

Man, what would I do without my to-do list? HA. It is my everything. I’m not big on technology for organization. It just doesn’t cut it for me. Don’t ask me why. I have no idea.

So, I have a journal specifically for my to-do list.

Tip: I read my to-do list when I get up in the morning and I add to my to-do list EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. ( this way I don’t forget anything before I fall asleep )

Something that is really important when it comes to the to-do list is prioritization. If you read a lot about successful entrepreneurs, some say ( and I am so sorry, but I cannot remember which ) that you should prioritize your top 5 tasks for the day.

Those come first.

You need to get done what is important.

When it comes to my to-do list, it is quite lengthy, but my top 5 check boxes are always the ones that are a MUST when it comes to getting it done.

I think people can get super caught up in all of the things they have to do, but if you can learn to prioritize your to-do list, you’ll notice that your productivity levels will SKY ROCKET. Like, I’m not even kidding.


Oh! I color code my to-do list as well by priority. That helps me!

Priority tasks are in yellow

Other tasks are in orange

Green means they have been done

You have to think about what is really important when it comes to being productive, especially when it has to do with your brand.

I like to structure my day so that the most important tasks get completed. When I go to sleep at night, I like to know that I have made progress with my brand.

I might not have checked off everything on my to-do list, but I have made progress. I am chipping away slowly.

Growth, no matter how slow, is growth, and I’d rather do it right from the start.

Make sense? good!

#3: Time Block Like CRAY


Side track - anyone else OBSESSED with the HBO series, Girls? I had to include this gif of Shoshanna. #seriouslyobsessed


Time blocking is of the most valuable skills that I learned.

Def something that you can implement now. YOU JUST GOTTA DO IT lol

I have a specific way that I like to organize my days. I also have a lot of tasks that need to get done.

  • Content Development

  • Brand Management

  • Client Management

  • Meetings/Conferences

  • The Podcast

  • …and more LOL

Something that really helps me is to set aside times to tackle each of those tasks.

So, instead of juggling them all each day…

I say “ok, Monday’s I develop content from 9 am - 1 pm. Tuesday’s I do all of my meetings, Wednesday’s are for podcasts…” and so on.

Do I stick to this every day? Eh, but I try my best and my best is pretty damn good.

Depending on what’s going on that week, the schedule might change, but for the most part, I stick to my time blocks for those tasks.

What this does is allow me to focus on the specific task at hand and get MORE DONE AT ONCE. Instead of writing content each day, I can sit down for 4 hours an knock everything out for the week.

Productivity at its finest ;)

LASER FOCUS EVERYONE. LASER FOCUS. I’m telling you batching your work through time blocks will change your life. Please please please please try it.

#4. Learn To Say NO NO NO

This is actually a tough one, even for me, but it’s necessary. I practice this every day.

Just because someone calls you or emails you does not mean you have to reply immediately.

…and just because you don’t reply immediately, DOES NOT mean that it isn’t a priority. It just means that you will have to get back to them.

Seriously, my clients are my absolute priority, but I need to be my most productive self for everyone to be a success! I have to say no at times.

I tell people honestly if something doesn’t work for me.

I do not like late afternoon meetings because I am falling asleep since I am such a morning person.

I do not work at night. I set limits.

Taking a lunch break isn’t the easiest for me either because I’m in meetings or working on new content.

There are certain times in the day where I just have to say no.

Saying NO frees up my time and allows me to be more productive.

If something doesn’t work for you, say no and don’t be afraid. You are in control of your own life.

I really hope that these tips were valuable to you, and I want to know how your productivity levels change once you implement them.

Well, it’s 10:30 pm here in Miami Beach and I’m off to do some planning in my calendar. I want to know WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE PRODUCTIVITY TIPS?

Share them with me on my latest Instagram pic or shoot me a DM.

Good night!



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Sydney Nanberg