Gratitude is a practice where you express what you are thankful for.

When you express what you are thankful for on a daily basis and put out that positive energy, it will increase the good things that come back to you.

It will also leave you feeling good.

We are often so consumed by what we have going on in the moment and planning for the future that we forget what we currently have.


We are so focused on what we want that we attach our happiness to what want and that can leave us feeling a bit empty in the present moment. Attaching our happiness to external factors such as material wants, work and goals doesn’t equal happiness and it doesn’t raise your frequency.

We are always striving for something great and I believe it is important to have goals and to go after what you want. But, I also believe that if we don’t take time to become self aware and mindful of what is right in front of us, we will miss out on the joy of life.

That is where internal happiness stems from and it’s those little moments where we are grateful that lead to fulfillment.

It’s easy to get caught up by our job and by our friends and family and everything that surrounds us.


What happens when we take that step back, become mindful and self aware of what we are grateful for is that we begin to feel a sense of fulfillment because you are taking away external distractions.

When we express gratitude, we feel good. It makes others feel good. When you feel good and make others feel good, that energy goes out to the universe and results in more good feelings.

A simple thank you can make someone’s day.

As a business owner, I am a big believer in saying THANK YOU. Not just to clients, not just to my followers, but also to those who work for me.

I am a big believer in showing my appreciation. If someone does something nice for you like holding a door open, say thank you.

Expressing gratitude leads to a higher frequency and positive energy that circles back.

This is something that I learned at a really young age.


When I was in elementary school, I remember going to see the fireworks over the Fourth of July with my friend and her family. They picked me up at my house, took me with them, bought me dinner and dropped me off after.

  • Every time they did something for me I said thank you.

  • When they picked me up I said thank you.

  • When they bought me dinner I said thank you.

  • When they dropped me off I said thank you.

That’s just how I was raised. I never thought anything of it. In my mind, that was the way things should have been. When my friend’s family dropped me off, the parents pulled me aside just to tell me how wonderful it is that I say thank you and I am welcome to come over any time I’d like.

I vividly remember them telling me that I’m one of the only friends that actually shows their appreciation.

I was so young and probably didn’t really understand the concept, but it felt really good to hear. So good that I remember it! If you want to raise your frequency in life to live happier, be grateful. Show your gratitude. Express your gratitude.

You’ll soon realize that it’s the little things that bring fulfillment and those little pieces of happiness will attract positive energy!


I wanted to share a few ways that I express gratitude to raise my frequency and I hope that you find this just as valuable.


I am a big believer in routines. Morning routines and nighttime routines and self care routines. Routines shape us and our day and can keep us mentally stable, right?

I start and end my day with gratitude.

It’s part of my routine and I even got Pedro into it. So, before we go to bed and first thing when we wake up in the morning, we look at each other before our phones and say 3 things that we are grateful for.

This is a really simple way to become more mindful and incorporate gratitude into our lives.

…and you should also know that if you aren’t expressing gratitude consistently and it isn’t part of your daily routine, it’s normal. Like I said, so many of us are just wrapped up in our lives that it isn’t something that crosses our minds.

But, as life gets hectic and as we hit highs and lows, it’s gratitude that keeps us in check. It’s gratitude that can dig us out of ruts. It’s gratitude that will help get us further. We just forget sometimes and becoming aware and incorporating this into your routine can impact the positive things that come your way.

Another thing that I do is I journal.

I talk about this a lot. Saying 3 things morning and night that you are grateful for is a really good place to start. If you want to take it to the next level, start your day with your journal and create a list of all that you are grateful for.

  • I’m grateful that i woke up today

  • I’m grateful for all of my senses

  • I’m grateful for the love that surrounds me

  • I’m grateful for the shoes on my feet

Get as specific as you want. You can set a timer if you are super busy. But, write it out. Each day.

When you look at that list, it’ll make you feel good to see that you have more than you think. It gives you a power. It gives you better energy and that is what raises your frequency.

The better you feel, the higher your frequency, and that’s why more good will come your way.

The last thing is to be self aware.

Actually thank people. Show your appreciation. End your emails with a thank you. If someone reaches out that you haven’t spoken to in a while, thank them for reaching out. Let people know how they make you feel. Give someone a compliment. Send someone you love a text letting them know that you are grateful to have them in your life.

It’s the little things that add up.

What are you grateful for? I want you think about it and I challenge you to start incorporating gratitude into your daily routine and watch how your life transforms.





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