The Sunday Scaries aren’t particularly the best feeling in the world. It’s that anxiety that creeps up on you during a nice Sunday afternoon when you realize that the next day is Monday…

…AKA back to work day, you know?

You may have heard of this or experienced this feeling before. If you are experiencing this, you aren’t alone guys. The root of the Sunday Scaries most likely comes from the stress that we face during the work week… and no one wants to encounter stress.

I recently read in Shape Magazine that the Sunday Scaries affects over 80% of people. Shape Magazine mentioned that the BIGGEST reason they experience this sensation is due to work.

Picture this: You’ve had an amazing and relaxing weekend. No work. No emails. No alarm clock. Very little stress, right?


Entrepreneurs: The never ending build up of emails in our inbox

Students: Homework assignments, papers and tests

Parents: Not only managing your own life, but your kids day to day schedule ( but in work attire )

We all experience the Sunday Scaries in different ways, but at the end of the day, it’s that dreaded stress and anxiety of what the week will bring.

It’s honestly called life and we need to learn how to handle it, k?

As someone who works 7 days/week, I still feel ya. Because when I work on the weekends, I’m not typically disrupted by endless emails and meetings. It’s like waking up before the sun rises or working late at night.

So, when the week day comes around, I know that I have less time to be productive and I’ll be putting out more fires than on the weekends.


The good news? I’m actually obsessed with Monday’s. I get excited about Monday’s. That’s why I am extremely equipped to provide you with the solutions you need to make those Sunday Scaries disappear.

( or just fade out a bit )


In order to face Sunday Scaries like a champ, you need to learn how to cope with stress and anxiety! That’s why we get these “Sunday Scaries” in the first place, got it?


Like I said, I’m obsessed with Monday’s, but I’ve had my fair share of Sunday’s where I get super anxious. That’s because I didn’t prepare. Preparation is one of the best ways to relieve stress and set yourself up for success on Monday. I like to start my week feeling pumped, energized and motivated.

When you’re feeling motivated, you’re less likely to feel stressed, right?


Do this anytime on Sunday to prepare for your week ahead

  1. Finalize your calendar

  2. Create your to-do list

  3. Take out your clothes for the following day

  4. Write down 1-3 goals you want to accomplish

  5. Keep a water bottle on your nightstand for hydration to boost your energy

  6. Put your vitamins right next to your water ( if you take them of course )

  7. Take out your coffee mug & coffee ( if that’s your thing ) to have it ready for the morning

  8. Prep your breakfast in advance so that you can grab & go

  9. Have a motivational video or podcast ready to go on your phone for the morning

The point is to prepare everything that you have to do so that your mind isn’t constantly wandering and eliminate decision making. There you go. Goodbye 75% of the stress!

Worrying is a killer.


Exercise is one of the best and most natural ways to boost your energy. Listen, I grew up in Chicago, so I don’t care if it’s Winter. There are ALWAYS ways to get active. Movement has been proven to not only boost your energy, but your mood and creativity. It’s one of the best stress & anxiety relievers that I know!

Not sure where to start because you’re “in a mood?” I’ve got you covered!


  1. Go for a walk

  2. Go for a run

  3. Get on a treadmill and do intervals

  4. Do jumping jacks in your living room

  5. Grab resistance bands off of Amazon and do squats

  6. Run in place

  7. Do push ups

  8. Try a few reps of sit ups

  9. Call a friend and go for a jog

  10. Call a friend and go for a jog at the gym

  11. Jump in the pool

  12. Go to the beach

  13. Look up HIIT ( high intensity interval training ) workouts on YouTube

  14. Join a yoga class

  15. Sign up for a Zumba class at your local gym

  16. Jump rope during commercial breaks if you are watching TV

I’m a super competitive person, so what really motivates me to move is counting my steps! Is it too much to ask to hit 10,000 steps/day? It’s actually a lot easier than you think! Make it fun.


I get it… Sunday brunches, happy hours and a good mimosa is what weekends are for, right? The problem is that it’s been proven that 46% of people who drink on the weekends end up REALLY getting hit with those Sunday Scaries. ( credit: Shape Magazine )

The reason is because while a drink or two is nice and can totally take the edge off, it can also lead to more anxiety, stress and a lack of sleep. Ever heard of beauty rest? Yeah, it’s necessary.

While I’m all for a glass of red wine, and I don’t want to tell you NOT to drink, try taking it easy. Maybe have one glass instead of two. OR, try going one weekend sober and go for a hike, take a bike ride, go for lunch with friends or have a movie night.

Just test it out. See what happens. Everyone’s body is different.


Sunday Scaries aren’t the end of the world, yet so many people suffer. Monday’s aren’t actually so bad. The truth is that they are a new day that can offer new and exciting opportunities.


  1. Are you happy with your job?

  2. Are you where you want to be in life?

  3. What’s making you anxious?

  4. What’s making you stressed?

  5. Are the people in your life bringing you up?

  6. Are the people in your life bringing you down?

  7. Are you taking time for yourself?

As I said before, it’s been proven that most of our anxiety on Sunday’s come from stress that the week ahead might bring!

Taking the time to understand where you are in life, can help you make decisions that reduce anxiety.

  • If you are unhappy at work, what can you do to shift that?

  • If you aren’t where you want to be in life, what can you do to get there?

  • If you are overwhelmed by the amount of work that you have, how can you be more productive?

It’s all about understanding what’s actually going on and finding solutions! Perspective is everything.

Will that totally take away your stress and anxiety? NO! Stress and anxiety are normal and it happens in life. It’s all how we choose to cope.

Another trick is to make a list of what you are currently unhappy with or stressed about and then write a solution to that issue!

Now you have a plan of action to make a change.


I talk about my morning routines, my self care routines and my nighttime routines all the time. I’ve talked about apps that have changed my life and meditation.

Breathing & meditation are consistent among all of my routines.

When I used to think of meditation, I’d cringe. It wasn’t my thing. I couldn’t sit there in silence for any period of time because I was too antsy. Too impatient. Too hyper. I had too much to do. Not enough time.

Well, one day I said fuck it. I downloaded the app, Headspace ( not sponsored ) and started doing 3 minutes every single day. Headspace is guided meditation and the first 10 sessions are free.

At first, I really struggled. It took me WEEKS to actually reap the benefits. Now, I start and end my day with breathing and meditation. This is my time to express gratitude, reflect, connect with myself and destress.

Meditation and learning how to breathe has truly impacted my life for the better and I highly suggest it. Not having time isn’t an excuse. Wake up 5 minutes earlier. Give it a solid month.

There were days where my mind would just wander. There were days where I realized that I had finally zoned out, and that took me out of my zone. There were days where I’d fall asleep. But then, there were days where I truly felt at peace. It took time, patience and practice. Meditation is a practice. It’s a skill. Try it!


You can get through Sunday Scaries. Life is too short to be wasted worrying. Worrying is totally normal and part of life, but if we can find ways to cope it will be so much more enjoyable!

If you need help dealing with anxiety, then you have to read my post about how I deal with anxiety.

If you still need tips on how to deal with stress, then you have to check out my post on ways to zap stress.

Sometimes we just need to understand ourselves better, what we want and pay closer attention to our decisions. It’s called being mindful and with a little practice, you’ll begin to enjoy Sunday’s. You deserve it!

Did you find this post valuable? Let me know in the comments below!

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