Do you ever have those days where you wake up and you just can’t seem to get out of bed?

Hi. I’m Sydney and today was THAT day.

The day where I was actually so overwhelmed by my workload, feeling so far behind ( which is very rare ) and not to mention, I had a migraine.

The last few months have been rough. I’ve lost a few people in my life and my incredible dog ( well, we referred to him as a handsome man ), Cooper. It’s been rough, you know? Lately, I just have these moments where I “crash” and need a sec to get my sh*t together.

Sound familiar?

The thing is that we all have these days! It’s totally normal ( in case no one told you ) and fighting it, doesn’t make it any better.

Fighting it, actually makes it worse and prolongs the funk. FUNK THAT LOL

Someone once gave me a genius idea.

This is an exercise that I highly suggest you ALL try.

Write a letter to yourself on a day that you’re in a GREAT mood, so that you can read it on a day when you are in not such a great mood.

Simple concept. Amazing results.

That was literally eye opening for me. In good old Sydney fashion, I did it with a twist. I created MULTIPLE LETTERS for different occasions because YA NEVER KNOW when you will have an existential crisis. Know what I mean?


For the days + moments when…

  • I am in a funk

  • …my cravings are OUT OF CONTROL & I need a diet reminder

  • I am anxious

  • I am homesick

To tell you that these letters are a life saver is an understatement. They are a TOTAL GAME CHANGER, guys.

When you are in a #killer good mood, everything just seems right and in its place, you know?

In that moment, writing a letter to yourself will be encouraging, empowering and uplifting.

You can read article after article & blog after blog, but reading an actual letter from YOURSELF is powerful.

YOU are in control of your life and while you may be facing an obstacle or stuck in a funk, YOU are the one who is going to get yourself through it, ok?



That letter is going to be your fundamental resource, k?

Your magic genie. Your guide on “what to do when I get in a funk.” Because in that letter, you are going to inspire yourself! You are going to tell yourself what to do from a YOU that feels amazing, got it? You are going to remind yourself of your goals, you are going to share a few solutions and things you enjoy. Happy moments, the big picture, your WHY.

Whatever it is, throw it in that letter. I can’t tell you what to write and what not to write. It needs to come from your heart.


Sit down when you are feeling FAB and write a letter to yourself for when you get in a funk. Get creative. Have fun with it. Because when you are in that moment of “funk” it’s going to suck ( just keepin’ it real ) and you are going to NEED that uplifting moment!


  • I remind myself that when I make my bed and open the blinds my mood slightly shifts

  • I remind myself that Tony Robbins, Gary Vee and Tim Ferris totally inspire me

  • I remind myself that a fun makeup tutorial on YouTube adjusts my mindset

  • I remind myself who is counting on me

  • I remind myself that I’ve been in funks before

  • I remind myself that I’ve overcome funks before

  • I remind myself of times when I’ve overcome funks

  • I remind myself of some of my favorite quotes

  • I remind myself that it is OK to be in a funk

  • I remind myself to FEEL that funk

  • I remind myself to indulge in some self-care - a warm shower and get the essential oils going

  • I remind myself who lifts me up when I’m down and to call them

  • I remind myself to clean because a clean space clears my mind

  • I remind myself to write because writing is a power tool

  • I remind myself of those I love

  • I remind myself of all that I am grateful for

  • I remind myself of my goals and the big picture of what I want in life

It’s written as an actual letter of course, starting with…

“YO Syd… It’s me, SYD, but the good mood version of yourself…”

I’m not even kidding you, I make it funny and I make it ME!

On that note, I want to challenge you to do the same and share some of your favorite self-help tips for getting out of funks :) I hope that you found this tip valuable and I cannot wait to hear your feedback!

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Off to watch Siesta Key with Pedro and get some sleep! I’ll probably eat some dark chocolate m&m’s too because #why not.




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Sydney Nanberg