I am a firm believer that in order to get what we want in life, we have to get outside of our comfort zone and do what we don’t feel like doing.

That requires us to push our limits, get up when we aren’t in the mood and persevere despite the pain! It’s part of life. It’s also part of the reason why successful people become successful.

You have to be consistent when it comes to going after what you want in life. Whether what you want has to do with work or personal reasons.

Listen, I get it… when you aren’t in the mood to do something, getting yourself to do it takes force. It takes a lot of energy. It takes a lot of positive self talk and digging up that inner motivation.

When I have to do something that I don’t feel like doing, it almost feels like every step has a 50 pound weight attached to it, ok? It’s as if I’m dragging myself.

…but here’s the thing…



We stay stuck when we take the same actions day after day. Those same actions lead to the same result.

If we DON’T do that thing that we DON’T feel like doing, we will remain in the same place we are currently at. There is a reason as to why so many people remain stuck. It’s simply because pushing ourselves to do what doesn’t necessarily feel good in the moment kind of sucks. It’s not always fun, but it’s necessary for future success.

That’s why I’ve learned to live by this motto:

Do what you don’t feel like doing.

If you have that URGE that you should be doing something, you are internally fighting it… then it’s probably something you should be doing! That’s your gut feeling talking to you.

Listen to it and thank yourself later!


Let me motivate you here for a second with a little story.

I’m a runner. I run everyday, but I don’t always feel like running. Sometimes I get outside and I just start walking because running takes so much more effort, you know?

The toughest part is to start. I get dressed, I walk outside, I see other people running, I’m on my path and I just need to START. It’s that initial leap, right?

So, I put on some upbeat music and I go.

Then, you start running and it’s kind of easy. ( or at least that’s how I feel as a runner )

Halfway through you might want to quit. You’re sweating, you’re tired, your legs may hurt and you start thinking, “well, I will run more tomorrow” or “I did more than I thought!”

Not me! Because the second that I start thinking that, I start shifting my mindset to accept that it’s ok NOT to reach my goal that I intended to achieve.

So, maybe you push yourself like me. You worked on your mindset. You stopped thinking about excuses and you push yourself even though it’s tough.

Here you are running, you’ve pushed yourself like me, you get near the finish line and you’re exhausted. Maybe you are even considering stopping early. Sometimes, I have 3 minutes left and I think to myself, “3 minutes won’t make a difference.”

But I don’t stop.

Why? Because I have a goal to reach.

When I run, I try to push myself a little bit more each time because I’d like to run a marathon. I keep my why in the back of my mind because if I don’t, then it’s easier to NOT do what I don’t feel like doing. In order to run a marathon, I need to do what I don’t feel like doing sometimes, so that I can grow.

Some days it’s easier than others because I love to run. Other days, I have to push myself. When I reach that finish line, I feel accomplished and the struggle that occurred was worth it.

You just have to start.


Just go. Shift your mindset, so that you no longer make excuses and keep your eye on the prize. Improve your self talk. The end goal. Your why. The more you do it, the easier it will get.

…and keep in mind that most of the time it won’t be easy to do what you don’t feel like doing. But, when you create a mindset that doesn’t tolerate excuses, you’ll find it a tad bit easier to take that initial leap.

Don’t forget that if you want something that you don’t currently have, you are going to have to do things that you aren’t used to doing or don’t feel like doing. Do it anyway. That feeling of resistance is your gut feeling talking!

Start to look at that resistance in a new light. That resistance is your gut feeling fighting for what you NEED to achieve the results you want.

Apply this to your life and thank you so much for reading! I hope you found this valuable :)

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Sydney <3

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