There is nothing more that I hate in this world than change. The word “change” makes me cringe, ya know?


Lately I’ve had to deal with a lot of change.

Death. New business ventures. A possible move. You know how it goes.

What I’ve realized is that change is actually an opportunity.

It’s all how you look at it.

The reason that I don’t like change is because it makes me uncomfortable. It makes me fearful. It’s the UNKNOWN that we don’t like.

Change takes us out of our comfort zone. Into a new space. We don’t know what is going to happen, right?


The truth is that this is a good thing! If that is how you choose to look at it.

In the last year I’ve not only faced a lot of change, but I’ve learned a lot about change. These are a few ways that have helped me to cope with change. I hope you find them valuable!



The first thing that you need to do is acknowledge the change and take a step back. Try to understand WHY you are resisting the change and put it in perspective.

When a change comes my way, I CHANGE HOW I LOOK AT IT.

Sometimes things change in life that we have zero control over, ok? It’s then our job to CHOOSE how to look at the situation. It’s called perspective.

We can continue to look at this change as a negative, or we can take that step back, think long term and put in perspective how it can ACTUALLY benefit our life.

What can we do with this change to improve for the better?

How is this change shaping us?

Got it?



When there is a change it is so easy to fight that change. Whether we avoid it altogether or fight it in our minds. We put so much energy into fighting the change, that we forget that not all change is bad.

I’ve been dealing with change by embracing it. Embracing the future. Embracing what’s next. It’s really tough to do so, but when we allow ourselves to feel and understand the change, we can THEN embrace what’s next.

Embrace the next step and do good with it. But in order to embrace the change, we must take step one above into account. Acknowledge, take a step back and then put the situation in perspective.

From there we can embrace what is to come.


So you’ve acknowledged the change, taken a step back, shifted your perspective, embraced the change and stopped fighting, now comes the positive.

Actually, this is what most people see as the NEGATIVE! Like I said before, people see change as bad.

Because they are fearful of the unknown.

What they don’t stop and think about is that the unknown could actually come with more good than expected.

You’re going to see that with change comes new and different opportunities.

For example. I was bullied terribly growing up. I would come home from school crying. I was always left out of group activities. I suffered from extreme anxiety, depression and was miserable to be totally honest.

In the moment, I didn’t see anything positive. BUT, I CHOSE to see my future. Because I acknowledged the change and CHOSE to see the future. Now, I have this blog, podcast and community.

If it weren’t for being bullied, I wouldn’t have a self care brand! You just never know how negative situations can turn into life changing events that give you the life you want.

Not every situation is like that. Death for example. That’s a huge change. A negative change. But the truth is that we are all born and we all die. We have to take advantage of the moment. Live in the moment. Care for the ones we love. You will see how new events take place and new opportunities begin to come into your life.

New relationships.

  • Closer relationships.

Opportunities don’t necessarily mean business opportunities. But it can apply to many areas in life.



I hope you found these tips valuable, as they are what has helped me to cope!

Life comes down to this.


Life is what we make it. Life is how we look at it. The life we live is a choice.

Change will always occur.

As much as I wish I were a magic genie, I can’t help stop change…

Instead of fighting it, you have to embrace change and look at the possibilities. Put it in perspective and continue moving forward.

It won’t always be easy, but it is the only way to find true happiness!

We can either fight what we don’t want or fight for what we want. That comes with sacrifice, hard work and CHANGE. Always.

Are you going to shift how you look at change?



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Sydney Nanberg