The calmer the better is what I like to say. I’m always doing a MILLION things at once. Whether it is running around to appointments, developing content, going to photo or video shoots for clients or recording podcasts. Just always LOTS going on in the life of Sydney Nanberg if ya know what I mean.

I’m ALSO a super creative person. So if any of you can relate, then YOU KNOW what it’s like at night… Less sleep because the mind just goes and goes literally NON-STOP. New idea after new idea. Worry after worry. It’s a vicious cycle that is also a love hate relationship.


Everyone has a different reason as to why they may be “hyped up,” and I personally have a ton of anxiety. My anxiety stems from a goal of perfection ( which doesn’t exist LOL ) among other things.

But, I will say that it isn’t all bad anxiety to be honest. Sounds weird, right? It’s this excited anxiety if that makes sense?

Does anyone know what that’s like?

It’s like you have a lot to look forward to or so many good things going on that you are anxious to get it done! …but at the same time, that anxiety isn’t helpful in being successful.


One of my priorities is to create a life where I have the ability to surround myself with people/things to look forward.

I DO also have the bad side of anxiety.

Because of this, I wanted to share how I combat my crazy mind and how I’ve learned to chill out so that I can be more productive, efficient and just feel better mentally, you know?

When I take care of my mind, and I use these tricks, I find that I can rest better, I can wake up feeling better and I end up having more energy. I’ve just kind of figured out how to put those thoughts to rest, and continue moving forward.

It’s taken me a VERY long time to figure this out. Literally years. Because I have that go go go mentality, it’s just not easy to be honest.

…and it still isn’t always easy, but I needed a solution!

This is all about clearing your mind today and what I do so let’s dive in to my favorite tips, tricks and hacks with a twist. Well, some of these have a twist and others are just literally straight forward because they actually work!



I’m a very restless person. I always need to be moving and I’ve found that when someone tells me to try yoga, deep breathing or to meditate - I’m just like, “no thank you.”

Funny story - I went to a yoga class a few years ago & I learned that there are different types of yoga! Essentially, you sit in each position for like 3-5 minutes. It is supposed to be relaxing.

I was so bored. All that I could do was think. I was dying to go for a run or just something cardio related.


So, that’s me in a nutshell! Well, that was Sydney a couple of years ago.

Anyway, for the last year people have been telling me to at least try to use the app Headspace. ( no this isn’t sponsored ) Headspace has drastically improved my restlessness. It’s a guided meditation app. Crazy because I never would have thought in a million years that I would have used it.


…because you know I have a twist

  • I do 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night

  • I go into a quiet space with little or no distractions

  • I put the sound of rain on in the background

  • I always wear comfy clothes

  • I like to get in bed under the covers

  • I like to put eucalyptus oil on a warm wash cloth and place it on my face

  • I also have my himalayan salt lamp on

It’s just that perfect zen you know?

So, don’t just sit in a chair and meditate if that’s not your thing. Try different positions. That sounds weird I know, but you get the point!



I’m going to beat this one to death as my grandfather would say. I can’t get enough. I’m obsessed. Sorry.

…and if you’ve never journaled then you have to try it & here’s why.

When you are the type of person that has SO much going on in their head, it feels good to get it out. To ACTUALLY see it on paper. You end up having realizations, you remember ideas, you create new ideas, you have clarity on different aspects of life and it decreases anxiety.

Here’s what I do to make it manageable & more fun for the anxious, restless, creative person writing this blog post right now, k?

I go online OR to a cute boutique and buy a journal that I’m obsessed with

( TBH, you can go to Target, Walgreens, CVS or your local drugstore. Not going to lie, I’ve found some cute ones there )

What I like to do is find a cute journal that I am EXCITED to write in, ok?

I get a really cute pen. I have these cacti pens right now! Love them. Obsessed. You can find them in my highlights. I found them at Target!


I write 1-3 pages 2 times per day.

…don’t freak out yet. You know I’ve got a twist coming.

There aren’t rules. Create your own rules. If you want to write 5 sentences go for it. If you want to write 5 pages go for it.


I write whenever I feel anxious. While I DO write at night & in the morning, a side hack is to sit down and write in those moments of restlessness, stress or anxiety “panic” moments. When you’re mind is just running. You’ll feel like a different person, ok?

But wait, there’s more!

What I do if I am at home is…

  • I close the shades

  • I turn off the lights

  • I put on some candles

  • I put the lamps on OR my himalayan salt lamp

  • I put comfy clothes on

  • I grab some tea ( maybe even a glass of wine )

  • I write.

It just sets the mood you know?

So, not only are you going to town writing down everything that comes to mind, but you are already in a calmer environment. It’s all about getting in the zone. It’s the entire “experience” as my boyfriend, Pedro would say.

Write as often as you want. Write whatever you want. Just write whatever comes to your mind.



Here’s how it works. When my mind gets going, I know that whatever I’m doing in that moment needs to be put on pause. If I don’t take that step back, it will only get worse, you know?

The second I walk out of that door ( warm or cold weather ) and the fresh air hits my face, I become present. I allow myself to become present.

The thing about a walk or even a stretch is that it isn’t just about the walk. It’s about the environment. Something as simple as switching up the environment is typically all it takes to make a significant difference, ok?

What motivates me to ACTUALLY do this is preparation.

I went on Amazon, ordered my favorite yoga mat, a few resistance bands, maybe a dumbbell or two and a little box to put it in.

You know, I do use this to work out, BUT that box is also my go-to for stretching/exercise when I need a break.

The other thing that motivates me is to have a drawer DEDICATED to fitness. That way I make it really easy to just go and grab workout clothes and make my way out the door. The easier you can make it for yourself the better.

Now, if you notice your mind gets going and you ARE NOT home, you can just go for a walk. You can step out and stretch. You need that time. You need time to heal your mind!

You can walk for as long as you need and are able to. You can stretch for as long as you need and are able to.

The point is to get out of your environment and that helps to clear your mind entirely!


Here’s the thing with me and my “style” of doing things. I’m all about doing what works, and I’m all about setting the mood. Creating the zen. While you may have heard of a lot of the tips that I share, I just do them differently.

I took the time to find out HOW to make it work for me!

Maybe it’s something as simple as closing the shades in the house, or lighting some candles. But, the little combos that I put together are KILLER and have had a huge ( positive ) impact on my life and I hope they have an amazing impact on your life as well!

…and did you know I have a FREE secret Facebook community?


Sydney Nanberg