Let’s get real for a minute about setting intentions and forming better habits.

It’s 2019 guys and one of my resolutions was to of course, form better habits. We all have areas in our life that we need to work on and it can definitely be a challenge, you know?

It doesn’t matter what your goal is. You need to be mindful and understand that it’s totally do-able, but you have to put in the work. ( DON’T PANIC, I’M GOING TO SHARE HOW I DO IT )

It comes down to discipline, decisions and a solid plan to get it done. Thinking that you are going to form better habits isn’t enough, like you need to be committed and you need to stick to it. But, you need to realize that.


I think a lot of people struggle with forming better habits because they get really motivated and then... and then #thatsit

Imagine - it’s 2019, a new year, a new month, a new week, a new day and a fresh start. That’s motivating in itself. It just makes you feel better, am I right? You might even write down your goal, but then something goes wrong, nothing happens. Nothing changes and you end up pretty damn disappointed, right? Disappointed in yourself. I seriously hate that feeling. There is nothing worse.


K. I want to give you some insight guys. Whether you want to improve your morning routine, or get in better shape or grow your business, the principle is the same, alright? Like I say all the time, keep it simple.

Forming better habits comes down to setting intentions, ok. Listen. I had this realization about a year ago. I felt like it was life changing. It’s a small, but powerful tip that has helped me to be more mindful I guess you’d say, and aware of my actions which has lead me to making better decisions.


Let’s say your goal is to form better eating habits. That’s a common goal, so let’s use that as the example. Plus, it’s one that I personally love to work on.

You want to add more veggies to your diet, a little extra protein, cut the sugar and drink more water. Pretty reasonable, right? But, I feel like diet is actually the most commonly failed goal.


Literally everyone and their mother’s New Years resolution is to lose weight, get in shape or work on their diet, and they may start for a week, but then it’s all back to normal. It’s so easy to get motivated and inspired, and the total opposite happens once work is required.

It’s really easy to get caught up in the craziness of our days and forget about what we are trying to accomplish. I personally, wake up, do my morning routine and get straight to work. Even on the weekends. Love it, but I can forget about my goals. My habits that I wanted to form. What I need to work on.

Because of this, it actually takes me LONGER to reach my goals, ok?

Because I continue with my same schedule, I find it more difficult and not even just more difficult, but I forget about what my intention was to begin with.

My intention was to change my diet, but it’s easier to get so busy and caught up in your day to say, “ok I’ll do it tomorrow.”


I’ll never have the body of Kylie Jenner with that attitude!

Have you guys ever experienced that? It’s like you want to eat healthy or hit the gym more, but when it comes down to it there’s always an excuse.

The intention isn’t powerful enough.



I have my little morning routine, and then before I actually start my day, I set the intention of what I want.

PHASE ONE - So, I wake up around 6 am, I check my phone and my emails to see what I missed and reply ( although I know that’s probably the worst thing to do )

PHASE TWO - I get up and drink 2 glasses of water + I take my vitamins

PHASE THREE - I meditate for 10 minutes ( use Headspace guys it’s amazing )

PHASE FOUR - I put my workout clothes on because I like to walk for an hour each morning, but before I actually leave my house, I set the intention.


I actually take a moment where I choose to sit down and recognize my habits. Instead of just getting up and running to do all of my tasks where I can ( and will ) easily forget about my goals, I take that moment to myself.

I say to myself:

“hey Syd, today you are going to make healthy choices, no matter how difficult the change or choice may be, or if you have to run to Publix ( local grocery store ) to get something that I might not have in the fridge. I’m going to do it. I’m going to be aware of my food choices and I am committed to change.”

HELPFUL TIP - If you ever feel a moment of weakness throughout the day, you can even write down that mantra in your phone or notebook. Read it over. Another thing that I like to do is write down 5 reasons why I want to reach this goal. Reading it throughout the day keeps me motivated!


We can do things to actually make the entire process easier.

A few other helpful tips that go along with our example of improving our diet would be:

  • Doing some research on a Sunday morning to find new food choices so that you are prepared!

  • Hit the grocery store and stock up for the week.

  • Watch a documentary or two on food! ( someone told me to try that and I am hooked )

It makes my life so much easier!

Another thing that I do to set my intentions besides saying it out loud is I write it down. Each day whether it is on paper or in my phone, I write down my intention. It almost engraves it in my mind. Like I am 100% aware that this is what is happening today.

EXCEPT, what makes this different than what I mentioned above is that I don’t write it as a mantra, I write it down in depth.


  • What my intention is

  • Why that is my intention

  • How I am going to accomplish it

This goes beyond just setting the intention and staying motivated throughout the day.

When I don’t do this, I do not always make the best choices. I grab those snacks and tell myself it’s fine I’ll be better tomorrow.


lol we all know that isn’t true #stoplyingtoyourself ;)

As small as this might be to take those 5 minutes to set your intentions, it is so worth it.

…and mind you, I do all of this before 9 am. I am back from my walk, showered and ready before 9 am. It’s the best feeling and it’s super easy.


Find inspiration. Again, improving your diet is our example today. I love foodie Instagram’s. The unhealthy ones, but also the healthy ones. There are so many healthy food bloggers out there and their food is amazing. Even just looking at their pictures inspires me to want to eat healthy.

@spinachforbreakfast ( you need to check her out )

Or let’s say you want to form a better habit of waking up early to accomplish more throughout the day. Get inspired by writing a list of ideas and things you can do the next day. Get excited!! Even if it’s watching a simple YouTube video that you love. Put off watching that video until the next morning. Like an incentive.


Or, one of my favorite tricks for waking up early is to put my phone across the room so that when the alarm goes off, you actually have to get up.

Give these tips and tricks a try TODAY. Let me know what you think. Give me some feedback. Share the love. I want to know! I want to see you reach your goals. You’ve got this.



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Sydney Nanberg