Do you find yourself super stressed out often? I get super stressed out. We all get super stressed out, ok? It doesn’t matter the situation because as humans, we manage to find ourselves stressed in endless situations, right?

We wake up late, so we are stressed. We woke up early and didn’t get enough sleep, so we are stressed. We couldn’t find that shirt we wanted, so we are stressed. We forget to wash our face the night before, so we are stressed. We didn’t grab the mail, so we are stressed. We forgot about that meeting, so we are stressed. We have to go to work, so we are stressed. The list can go on and on.


Let me tell you something about stress. Stress is debilitating. It can not only kill your vibe, but it can also negatively affect your health short and long term. I’m talking headaches, stomach aches, body pains, heart attacks, strokes and so on.

Stress makes it difficult to respond to challenging situations, it makes us feel uneasy, it can affect our relationships, our jobs, our free time and it’s just the worst.


Stress is normal though guys. We all have stress and we will all continue to have stress. The point of this post is for you to understand how to better handle stress. How to prepare for stress. Yes, prepare. Ya heard me. It will never just disappear, but understanding how to react to it can make one hell of a difference.


I never had a desire to travel until I met my boyfriend, Pedro. His family is from Barcelona, so we travel there quite a bit, and now we travel all the time. I am obsessed. If you know me, then you know that I am always planning a trip. Like, always.

When I went to Barcelona for the first time, I noticed something that peaked my interest. It opened my eyes. It was that spark. A realization. Ever had one? One that made me really question how I was living my day to day life.

What I noticed was that the locals took time to enjoy their life. Sounds crazy, because shouldn’t we all enjoy our life? Well well well, let me tell you. In America ( or American’s in general ), we like to overwork ourselves. We are all constantly stressed, you know? What good does this do for us? Nada man, nada.

Pedro’s family took time everyday to cook lunch together, laugh, not talk about work, the kids ran around outside, the family shared a bottle of wine ( love that btw ) and just took that time for themselves. A mid day break. A real break though. Not our 15-30 min quick lunch break BS. Do you have any idea how refreshing that was?


But being the only American there, I couldn’t help but think how crazy it was that I was still thinking about work during the one hour where we were supposed to enjoy. Do you think Kris Jenner can relate?

The lesson is simple. Self-care.

Self-care is how I demolish stress and I am going to break it down into a few steps.


Listen, it’s really simple. The way that you feel is a vicious cycle.

Your mind can control your emotions. While I cannot control everything ( even though I am a total control freak and wish I could ), what I can control is how I treat myself.

Tip #1: Get out of your own head


I am just a stressed person. That’s my personality type. I’m always stressed. Can’t help it. It’s a love hate relationship. But, if I stressed 24/7 like I used to, I’d probably be in the looney bin right now, ok?

You know that I talk about this in a lot of posts, but meditation is my new thing. I’m the first to tell you that I actually thought meditation was a load of crap. I got to a point where I was like screw this, I need to try something.

I take 10 minutes everyday ( sometimes more ), and I use the app Headspace. I’m not sponsored by Headspace don’t worry. It has changed my life. It has helped reduce my stress. If you are desperate for that stress relief, that break in the day, that refresher, that sense of calm, you need to try meditation. Even if you don’t use the Headspace app. You can find meditation videos on YouTube, there are tons of apps or even create your own ritual.

It takes a few days to get used to, but I am so grateful that I found it. Try it for at least a week.

Tip #2: Reconsider your nightly routine


If you read my blog, you definitely know that I am a huge believer that your morning routine begins at night. There is literally no better feeling than waking up at 6 am feeling fresh and alert #earlybird. BUT, a lot of that fresh and alert feeling comes from the prep ya did the night before.

I’m talking about your nightly routine. Here is mine and why:

  • I drink 2 glasses of water to maintain hydration. Dehydration can make you exhausted and leave you feeling like absolute shit.

  • I take a quick shower and rinse off so that I can get into bed feeling fresh.

  • I wash my face. Nothing like going to bed with a clean face and waking up in the morning feeling good as new.

  • I jump in bed, sometimes meditate for 5 minutes OR light candles and read a book. This allows me to relax my mind while I fall asleep.

  • ( OPTIONAL ) I don’t do this everyday, but sometimes I fall asleep listening to the sound of the waves or peaceful music. I use the app Peaceful Sounds. The only reason that I don’t do it every night is because it keeps Pedro up #ofcourse lol

Going to bed feeling your best will only help you to wake up feeling your best. When I wake up feeling good, my day just seems to go better.

When it comes to stress, it’s not always about dealing with it just in the moment, but taking the necessary measures to prepare yourself before it even hits.

We gotta get in the right mindset before we even begin our day!

Tip #3: Write it out


This is my go to life saving best friend. My journal. It is my everything #notkidding. Whether it is a to-do list, new ideas that pop into my head ( because I will wake up at 3 am with a new idea #truth ), or maybe I just need to write down my thoughts, that journal is bomb.

Get one. Order it on Amazon. Go to Walgreens. Go to Target. I honestly got mine at Home Goods. They were cute! What can I say. It just clears my mind.

I find that when I get stressed, I usually have a lot going on in my mind. You too? Writing it out just gets it out of that head. It puts it on paper. That way you can refer back to it. That way you don’t miss anything. That way you don’t forget anything. Trust me, you need to try it if you haven’t.


Be prepared.

Set yourself up for success.




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Sydney Nanberg