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Everyone and their mother is talking about Cryotherapy. Am I right? It’s like the hot trend that’s been happening for quite some time. 

But I hear mixed feedback on the results, you know? So I obviously needed to check it out for myself. NOW, I used to do Cryotherapy when I would go back home to Chicago in the winter.

BUT - I wanted to see the FULL EFFECTS in this humid Miami heat. So, I went to a local Miami spot that had fantastic reviews and gave it a shot.

For those of you who might not know WHAT Cryotherapy is… you are in for a treat. First, let me share what the experience is like. I’m just going to tell you that it actually feels as if you are laying in snow for a solid 3 minutes. FREEZING. Your body is tingling and kind of numb, but in a good way.

Miami Cryotherapy

Have you ever been sick where you get that cold chill that runs through your bones?

Hi Cryotherapy. 

Except, when you go to a Cryotherapy spa like Cryo Miami, the environment is MUCH different of course. Very zen. Very chill. Very comfortable.

Before I get into my experience at Cryo Miami and the results, I want to let you in on a few of the benefits.

I will also be sharing the benefits that I personally experienced. 

  • Pain Relief 

  • Reduces Inflammation

  • Improves Sleep

  • Boosts Metabolism 

  • Reduces Anxiety + Depression

  • Treats Migraines + Headaches

I’ve read about many additional benefits, but they say that it is not yet proven. Keep in mind that everyone can experience different results. 


The staff was welcoming and warm right off the bat.

Laurence was incredibly friendly & Gaby took me through the process. She was absolutely wonderful! I believe that the way you are treated in a spa ( or anywhere for that matter ) says a lot about the business, and I felt very comfortable walking in there.

Cryo Miami is clean, very on brand ( which we love ), and they take care of you. I’d rate it a 10 for sure.

You can tell that the staff is well informed, and Gaby even mentioned that she does Cryotherapy multiple times per week! Love that. 

Yes to Cryotherapy.gif

Gaby took me into a clean changing room where I can put on my robe, socks, gloves and slippers. The room was a cool atmosphere and I was excited for my full-body treatment. 


So, here I am, in my robe, socks, gloves and slippers ready to step into this freezer of nitrogen. I walked in, and what I loved was that Gaby talked me through the full 3 minutes.

Cryotherapy is only 3 minutes!

When I have done Cryotherapy in the past, the 3 minutes feel like 3 years because it is FREEZING, but Gaby was full of interesting information, which made the time fly! 

What I know and have experienced with Cryotherapy is that you usually feel the benefits throughout the day. But, I do have an issue with inflammation due to allergies, so if you have any form of swelling or pain, you WILL notice that it goes down immediately. 

As Laurence mentioned to me, any type of cold will help with inflammation. A cold shower, laying in snow ( joking ) or cold weather. But, I live in Miami and this was amazing.

…but, is this treatment Sydney Approved? Let’s talk results.


I immediately noticed…

…that this full-body session reduced the inflammation in my body. My hands, my legs and my stomach are always swollen. I felt refreshed after. I also get aches in my legs because I am a runner. Those aches were gone. 

Now, what happened throughout the day? The one thing that I can tell you about Cryotherapy is that you DO need to do it on a consistent basis to see consistent results.

BUT - this is what I noticed throughout the day.

  1. I had a boost of energy.

  2. My swelling was reduced so I felt good overall. 

  3. My workout that afternoon lasted longer because I was feeling better.

  4. I usually get anxious at night, but I ended up sleeping well and felt relaxed in the evening.

  5. I also slept through the night without taking melatonin ( which I take every night ).

I would call this a success. 

Another treatment that Gaby was telling me about is a Cryo Facial. I’m all about the facials, and she said that a lot of clients that come in do it when they have a headache or migraine. I suffer from migraines, so I will be doing a review on that treatment soon!


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100% yes! If you ever feel fatigued, if you ever feel swollen, if you workout a lot, if you are prone to anxiety, if you struggle with sleep, I highly suggest Cryotherapy.

When you have that boost of energy and you FEEL good, you are more likely be more productive, more active throughout the day, have longer workouts and that is why you might experience better sleep at night! You are just going to be well rested, got it?

So, will you give this a try? If you are in the Miami or Coral Gables area, try out Cryo Miami!



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