I’ve been hearing a lot about float pods and the benefits they can have on your body.

So, of course, I have been dying to check one out. I went over to Clean Start Total Body Cleansing in Miami for this one hour float pod experience and I can’t wait to share with you whether it’s SYDNEY APPROVED or not!

Before we dive in… let’s talk about what a float pod is:

Flotation therapy is a method meant to heal your body.

You lay in a warm salt water tank for one hour and relax at a comfortable temperature. The flotation pod is filled with epsom salt ( magnesium ).

While flotation pods can help to heal pain, it can also help to reduce stress, anxiety and lower your cortisol levels.

The float pod & float pod room is designed for sensory deprivation. You are supposed to feel entirely buoyant. It’s meant to help you achieve a natural restorative state.

I was obviously all over that!


The water is extremely saturated with Epsom salt ( magnesium ), which makes it almost impossible NOT to float.

The benefits of magnesium are AMAZING. If you’ve ever had pain and soaked in a bath of epsom salt, then you KNOW how ridiculously good it is.

Magnesium can…

  1. Help Balance Calcium Levels In The Body

  2. Balance Hormones

  3. Reduce Stress

  4. Promote Sleep

  5. Reduce Pain + Swelling

  6. Help With Constipation

Now, I want to give you ALL of the details, so here are a few of the benefits:

Flotation Therapy Can…

  • Reduce Headaches

  • Improve Sleep

  • Reduce Blood Pressure

  • Decrease Stress + Anxiety

  • Relieve Pain

  • Increase Circulation

Let’s talk about my experience in the float pod, uncover my results & find out if this wellness treatment is SYDNEY APPROVED?



To be totally honest, when I first got to Clean Start Total Body Cleansing in Miami, I was a bit nervous because I get claustrophobic. I don’t love small spaces and the thought of being in a tank for an hour didn’t put my mind at ease.

But, I’ll talk more about that later in the post!


Clean Start Total Body Cleansing had such a cute vibe inside. It felt refreshing when you walked in, smelled nice and the staff couldn’t have been more welcoming. I really appreciate a welcoming staff at wellness centers, especially when you are trying out a new treatment!

Princess is an employee at Clean Start Total Body Cleansing! She was beyond friendly and answered all of my questions to help me though the process.

I would rate Clean Start Miami a 10/10 for cleanliness and overall experience!

But, what was my experience in the float pod like?

This is how it went down:


Princess lead me though the entire process and made it VERY easy because I had no idea what to expect.

( other than what I read and the photos online )

You walk into this room that is so beyond zen. The lighting in the room is blue, which I loved. There was a little vanity to place your things & a mirror, a modern shower and the float pod.

Princess explained how it works:

First of all, bring a towel with!

Moving on - You go in naked! I had no idea and wore a swimsuit, but took it off and followed the proper instructions.

So, the first thing that you do is jump in the shower to rinse off any lotions, deodorants or perfumes you may have on your body.

Then you can wrap your hair up in shower cap if you don’t want it to get wet.

The next thing you want to do before getting in is put in these wax ear plugs to make sure the water doesn’t get inside your ears.

Before I got in, I also grabbed a neck pillow for the water, so that I could just float and relax.


My first initial thought was…

…that it wasn’t as scary as I thought. I was not claustrophobic whatsoever!

When I got in, the temperature felt a little chilly, but I warmed up ( probably because the shower I took before was steaming hot ).

Once I laid down, I was floating.

It reminded me of the Dead Sea in Israel if you’ve ever been.

You just lay there and let the water drift you away into relaxation.


The other thing that I noticed was how peaceful this experience was. You’re just floating. It doesn’t feel weird. It doesn’t hurt ( if you have a cut or wound, the salt might get in and sting ), but you’re just THERE.

In addition to the health benefits, it also mentally forces you to be present.

It was an amazing time for reflection, meditation and setting intentions.

I felt like I was in a floating meditation tank. Just me and my thoughts. I loved that!

For one hour, I did deep breathing exercises, practiced mindfulness and meditated. It was a very different, yet a rejuvenating experience.

Now, during the flotation session, there ARE lights in there and you have the option to play music which is extremely soothing.

After the hour is up, you get out, jump in the shower to rinse off and you’re done!


I went to Clean Start Total Body Cleansing in Miami for flotation therapy to see if it would reduce anxiety, but here is what actually happened:

Once my session was over and got out of the float pod, I felt very “zen” like.

My stress levels went down, I went back to work less anxious and overall felt great. Very calm.

I can totally see how if you suffer from any form of physical pain, you might get a relief.

I am a runner and my legs ache every night. After this flotation therapy session, my leg aches were significantly better.

Those were my initial results.

One of the benefits of flotation therapy is improved sleep and it can also reduce headaches. 

It’s the summer time in Miami, and the weather is so up and down that I am constantly fighting headaches.

I actually went into the float pod WITH a headache.

Not only did my headache fade away, I slept amazing that night.

Now, when I get headaches, I get MIGRAINES. My headache did not ENTIRELY go away, but it didn’t turn into a migraine. I was able to go home, take Advil and go on with my day. Whereas, the migraine would typically take over my day and paralyze me, you know?

To be totally honest, when you are in such a relaxed state, with less stress, floating and immersed in the present moment, you are going to feel like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders.

With less stress and anxiety throughout the day, you have a higher chance of sleeping better at night!

This was a great experience at Clean Start Total Body Cleansing! I will definitely be going back to try other treatments!


Absolutely! I actually cannot wait to go back for my next session. This was such a different form of therapy that not only relieves pain, but reduces stress, forces you to sit with your thoughts and it is a great form of meditation!

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 7.50.20 AM.png

The benefits that I experienced were:

Stress Relief

  2. Anxiety Relief

  3. Reduced Headache

  4. Improved Sleep

  5. Pain Relief In My Legs

In addition to these benefits, it’s just a great little escape for some alone time to take care of your mind, body and soul!

Will you try flotation therapy? If you have, share what your experience was like in the comments!

If you are in the Miami area or plan on visiting, check out Clean Start Total Body Cleansing!



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